Chattribution: Prove Live Chat’s Impact on Key Sales and Marketing Metrics

Live chat on your website or in your mobile app allows visitors to connect with your sales and marketing team in real time, providing more opportunities for you to convert them from prospects to customers. Good thing, because visitors who engage with agents through live chat are three times more likely to convert. With Comm100, you can not only engage with your visitors, you can also prove the impact that live chat has on your key metrics.

Live chat is a proven digital engagement channel that gets results. To prove its value to internal stakeholders and your business, you need to show how chat is influencing is business goals.

Download our guide to chat attribution and learn how to:

  • Show how live chat is helping to fill and close shopping carts, drive whitepaper downloads, increase demo requests, and contributing to revenue goals.
  • Integrate live chat with other sales and marketing tech tools to close the loop from lead to sales
  • Demonstrate the ROI of live chat
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