Live Chat Services and Features

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Manage Support Requests with Ease with Comm100’s Ticketing System

Organizing support requests using standard email software is tough. For modern teams, legacy systems just don’t cut it when it comes to piecing together query details, prioritizing or assigning cases.

Comm100’s Ticketing System allows issues received via email or chat to be logged, resolved, escalated and closed with ease, all within the Agent Console. This allows you to implement an effective and streamlined workflow that suits your business. More Details: Comm100 Ticketing

Feature Tour - Comm100 Ticketing

Go Self-Serve for Better Customer & Agent Experiences with the Comm100 Knowledge Base

Providing excellent human-lead customer service is no longer enough. Most customers prefer self-serve options. Rather than being a nice-to-have, self-serve has become a customer expectation.

Our Knowledge Base lets you offer a self-serve option to your customers through a knowledge base search function within the chat window, helping them quickly get answers without waiting for an agent.

In addition, you can improve agent knowledge and responsiveness by giving them quick access to knowledge base articles within their Agent Console. More Details: Comm100 Knowledge Base

Feature Tour - Comm100 Knowledge Base

Handle Social Media Customer Queries with Facebook and Twitter Integrations

Customers are demanding service wherever they are, and best-in-class companies are rising to the challenge. Serve and engage your customers on social media with our new Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Messenger integrations to deliver service that will delight your customers.

Our integrations allow you to implement a business-ready workflow to traditional social media platforms, allowing you to sort, filter, prioritize and assign conversations to individuals or departments. No queries are lost or forgotten.

Social media integration also has its own reporting suite. These reports deliver real-time insights into your social media customer service, helping you to better understand your social workload and resolution efficiency.

Live chat and social media are perfect partners – your live chat agents already have the skills they need to provide text-based customer engagement via social media. By integrating social media into the agent dashboard, you provide multi-channel support with minimal effort. More Details: Facebook & Twitter Integration

Feature Tour - Facebook Twitter Integration

Talk with Agent Through Audio & Video Chat

While most customers prefer text chatting, there are times when it’s easier to talk. Audio & Video Chat enables customers to talk with agents over chat with a simple click. No downloads or plugins are required. Customers can also send text messages while they are on the call. Audio and video chats offer a more efficient and effective means of communicating and help establish more personal engagements between customers and agents. More Details: Audio & Video Chat

Talk with Agent through Audio &  Video Chat

Monitor and Identify Visitors

Minimize visitor anonymity before a chat begins by implementing a pre-chat survey to collect important information about your website visitors such as first name, email address, product inquiry type, etc. Easily to transfer important customer account information (i.e. browsing history, shopping history, shopping cart items, etc.) directly from your website to your agents’ chat console. This information not only allows your chat agents to engage in more personalized conversations with your visitors, but also, improves service efficiency when handling multiple simultaneous chats. In addition, all visitor data collected from the above channels can be used as rules in defining visitor segments. More Details: Monitor and Identify Visitors

Feature Tour - Monitor and Identify Visitors

Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD)

With Comm100, you have the choice of routing chat requests by chat button, agent skill set, or department. Whether you have a large customer service team, or a variety of sophisticated chat routing requirements, our Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) feature enables you to specify custom routing preferences, and automatically assign chat requests to agents who are most suitable for the task. More Details: Chat Routing and Allocation

Feature Tour - Automatically Route Chats to the Right Agents

Comm100 Live Chat Integration

We understand that a live chat software may not be the only solution you use when providing real-time support to your website visitors. We make it easy to seamlessly integrate Comm100 Live Chat with third party software applications such as, Zendesk, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Avaya Aura® Contact Center, GotoMeeting, Google Analytics, and more. Comm100 Live Chat supports any multi-channel strategy for improving efficiency, innovation, and unification. More Details: Third Party Integrations

Feature Tour - Integrate Comm100 Live Chat with Your Existing Tools

100% Secure and Reliable

Comm100 is an industry leader in unparalleled security and reliability. Rest assured that rigorous security measures and business continuity plans are always in place to protect your data privacy. Our MaximumOn technology provides cross data center redundancy to ensure 100% SLA uptime. In the event of scheduled maintenance, or unexpected system failure, our MaximumOn technology ensures that Comm100 achieves high availability at all times. More Details: Security and High Availability

Assign Agents to Specialized Departments

Dividing your chat agents into different departments with specific responsibilities encourages specialization, which cultivates faster and better service for your customers. You can group your agents into different departments with distinctive functions to perform, so that website visitors can request a chat with the department that is best suited to handle their concern or inquiry. It is also easy to assign different permissions to different agents, according to their roles and responsibilities within the department. More Details: Group Agents into Departments

Feature Tour - Assign Agents to Specialized Departments

Performance Reporting

Data is power. Comm100 provides a comprehensive array of reports packed with data that represent the overall health of your customer service department. Key reports include 24/7 chat distribution, agent workload, agent efficiency, customer rating, chat queue, and more. These reports are essential to your business as they offer valuable insights into individual agent performance, service quality, service efficiency, customer satisfaction ratings, staffing needs, as well as training and development needs, so that you are well equipped to take action or make informed decisions when necessary. More Details: Live Chat Reports

Optimize Efficiency

Comm100 is specially designed to make your job as a chat agent easier. We’ve designed a variety of enterprise-level tools to help you improve chat efficiency and productivity, so that you can achieve your professional growth and/or personal goals faster. Some of these intuitive features include simultaneous chats, canned messages, audio & video chat, automated greeting messages, keyboard shortcuts, automatic translation, spell check, screen sharing, and others. More Details: Chat Efficiency Tools

Feature Tour - Optimize Your Chat Efficiency

Proactive Engagement

Sometimes, it’s better to proactively invite your customers to start a meaningful conversation, rather than waiting for website visitors to chat with you. Comm100 offers an array of tools to help you extract valuable visitor data effortlessly to identify website visitors who need your assistance. Further optimize efficiency by automating proactive chat invitations, so that website visitors who match your preset criteria in demographics and behaviors will automatically receive a personalized chat invitation. This approach leads to higher conversion rates. More Details: Proactive Chat Invitation

Feature Tour - Proactively Engage Website Visitors

Get To Know Your Website Visitors

Comm100 offers real time visitor monitoring where visitor information such as current browsing page, navigation behaviors, geographical location, shopping cart details, chat history is always available at your fingertips. With this visitor data readily accessible, it is easy to “break the ice” when proactively inviting visitors to chat, and to ensure that shopping carts are always full and make it through to the check-out. More Details: Real Time Visitor Monitoring

Feature Tour - Get To Know Your Website Visitors

Team Collaboration

Comm100 features an inter-agent chat that makes it easy to contact your manager or colleagues even while actively engaging in a live chat. If you are presented with a customer inquiry that is outside your area of expertise, simply transfer the chat to the appropriate department or colleague. For complicated customer requests that require cross-functional team collaboration, join any active chat so that two or more agents can jointly work on the case, to ensure that resolution is achieved with the first contact. More Details: Team Collaboration Tools

Feature Tour - Collaborate with Your Teammates

Mobile Customer Service

Since customers can visit your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, logging out of Comm100 will result in missed opportunities to engage more customers, and close more sales. It is for this reason, Comm100 is also designed for mobile use. We offer an easy-to-use mobile app for devices running on both iOS and Android platforms so that serving website visitors is possible anywhere and anytime, even while you are on the go! Download Mobile Apps

Feature Tour - The Mobility of Customer Service

Mobile Friendly Live Chat

Comm100 software detects website visitors who are using a mobile device and will make automatic adjustments to optimize your customer’s mobile experience. Mobile chat buttons and mobile chat windows are specially designed to fit perfectly on any major mobile screen, both in size and layout, even when the device is rotated. This means that your website visitors will always enjoy a fluid chat experience, regardless of the smart device they use. More Details: Mobile Friendly Live Chat

Feature Tour - Mobile-Friendly Live Chat Experience

Multi-functional Live Chat Features

When contacting a company consumers increasingly prefer live chat over other communication channels, not only because of the convenience and real-time assistance it offers, but also because live chat empowers them to utilize multiple tools for a smooth chat experience. Visitors are able to send copies of full chat transcripts directly to their personal email address for future reference. Files and images can also be sent to agents via the chat window, so that live chat agents better understand questions or concerns.

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Immediate Customer Feedback

While live chat support already yields the highest customer satisfaction ratings compared to other methods of customer service, it is still important to get feedback from the customer for service quality control. Post-chat surveys gather customer ratings and feedback immediately after a chat has ended. It is the easiest and most accurate snapshot of how your customers view your company and your agents’ quality of service. More Details: Post-Chat Survey

Feature Tour - Ensure Customer Satisfaction with Customer Ratings