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Today’s consumers don’t think in channels – they simply want to reach out to you on whatever channel is most convenient to them at that time. This means you have to offer a wide variety of digital communication channels.

But more than this, you need these digital channels to be connected to one another so that you can deliver coherent, personalized and helpful support. Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging lets you manage all your customer inquiries from email, social media, and SMS through one robust and easy-to-use system.

Watch this 10-minute tour of Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging to learn how it:

  • Gives you total visibility of every customer conversation no matter the channel
  • Puts the right agent on the right ticket
  • Enables seamless channel switching without losing conversation history
  • Empowers your agents with workflow automation


Matthew Jinks
Matthew Jinks, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Comm100

Matthew is Comm100’s Senior Product Marketing Manager. He’s worked for 5+ years in Vancouver’s tech scene and loves crafting product stories. Matthew works with Fortune 500, government, and private firms across the world to embed advanced customer experience solutions.

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