Chat Efficiently with Visitors

Comm100 Live Chat enables you to chat with website visitors in real time and offers a set of tools to help you increase chat efficiency.

You can simultaneously handle multiple chats and switch between chats quickly and easily by using keyboard shortcuts. Learn more

Improve Chat Efficiency - Multiple Concurrent Chats

Group Chats by Status

Automatically group chats into 4 different categories (Ongoing Chats, Incoming Chats, Manually Invited and Ended Chats) based on their status. This helps you quickly locate the chat you’re looking for.

Group Chats by Status

Agents’ Unresponsive Time

Agent’s unresponsive time shows how long a visitor has waited for the agent to respond to his/her last message. You may want to answer the visitor who has waited for the longest time first, as the longer the unresponsive time is, the higher the chance is for a visitor to abandon the chat.

Agents’ Unresponsive Time

Create a library of pre-defined messages and URLs for frequently asked questions. Using canned responses enables you to increase chat efficiency and reduce typos.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Canned Response

Audio & Video Chat

Talk with your visitors through audio and video calls with a simple click. Audio & Video chat helps you speed up resolution, deliver a more personalized chat experience, and establish more trusting relationships with customers.

Watch How Audio & Video Chat Works
Improve Chat Efficiency - Audio & Video Chat

Drag and drop or copy and paste to send a screenshot in a chat. A simple screenshot says more than a thousand words. Learn more

Improve Chat Efficiency - Send Screenshots

Drag and drop to transfer files in a chat. Visitors can get better assistance by sending and receiving pictures or files.

Improve Chat Efficiency - File Transfer

Return visitors’ history chats and messages are available for you to view. Knowing their history helps you stay informed and avoid asking the same questions again. This is especially helpful when you are chatting with a visitor who has talked with other agents. Learn more

Improve Chat Efficiency - Contact History

Typing Indicator

See what your visitor is typing even before they hit Send. With this advance knowledge, you understand the visitor’s state of mind and can better prepare an answer. This is especially helpful when chatting with a hesitant customer.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Typing Indicator

Pin Chats to the My Chats Tab

You can pin chats to the My Chats tab for review, wrap-up and other purposes. Unless it is manually closed, a pinned chat will not be removed from the My Chats tab after the chat session ends.

Pin Chats to the My Chats Tab

Spell Check

Built-in spellcheck automatically detects your typos and spelling mistakes.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Spell Check

Auto Translation

Built-in auto translation helps you overcome language barriers when chatting with a visitor who speaks a different language. Translation works for both sides, so you and your visitors will understand each other while typing in your own language.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Auto Translation

Automated Greeting Message

Automatically greet your visitors with a predefined message as soon as the live chat session is connected. To avoid being robotic, you can also add some personalized information in your greeting message to make visitors feel at home.

Automated Greeting Message

Visual and Audio Alerts

Never miss a response again. Both agents and visitors can get visual and audio alerts for each incoming chat request or response.

Visual and Audio Alerts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost chat efficiency with simple keyboard shortcuts. Agents can set shortcuts to such frequent events during a chat as Send, Previous Chat, Next Chat and Search Canned Message.

Keyboard Shortcuts

End Chat Automatically

Unresponsive visitors can sometimes unnecessarily prolong chats. Agents can choose to end chats automatically after a certain period of time following unresponsiveness. A system message will be sent to visitors notifying them of the chat termination.

End Chats Automatically

Capture Visitor

Agents can capture valuable visitors and keep them in the visitor list for 24 hours, even after they have left the website. Agents can get back to the captured visitors when they are available and retrieve the visitor information needed for follow-up.

Capture Visitor

Ban Unwanted Visitors

Visitors may come to your website for wrong purposes or with bad intention. In such cases, agents can add these visitors into the ban list by IP or IP range. This can save agents time from answering unnecessary chats.

Ban Unwanted Visitors

Agent “Away” Status

Whether stepping out for lunch or attending a meeting, there are always those moments when agents cannot take chats. In these instances, agents can manually set their status as “Away”, preventing absent agents from receiving incoming chats.

Agent Away Status

Automated Agent Status Change

Comm100 Live Chat provides an option to automatically change agent status to “Away” after a certain period of idleness/inactivity. The status will be changed back to “Online” when there is mouse or keyboard input.

Automated Agent Status Change

Custom “Away” Status

Use custom away statuses to keep communication strong within your team. Admins can create specific statuses, such as Meeting, Lunch Break and Phone Call, for agents to choose from to best describe their current status.

Custom Away Status
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