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Keep Your Account Secure

Comm100 Live Chat takes your account security seriously. Security measures are in place to protect your live chat account from unauthorized access.

Besides, your live chat data security and reliability is also our top priority. Go to the data security page and learn more about how we adopt our data backup policy, business continuity plan and world-class data center to protect your chat data from attack and leakage.

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IP Restriction

Add authorized IPs/IP ranges to your Comm100 Live Chat account to grant login access to specific IPs/IP ranges only.

IP Restriction

Password Policy

Password Policy is a set of password related rules designed to enhance your live chat account security. You can set rules for:

  • Password length
  • Password complexity
  • Password expiration time
  • Password change frequency
  • Login attempt times
Password Policy

CAPTCHA Verification

CAPTCHA verification protects your live chat account from excessive time “guessing” the password. After a certain number of login failures, CAPTCHA verification will be required.

CAPTCHA Verification

TLS Encryption

All network communication in your live chat account is TLS encrypted to ensure your account privacy and data integrity.

TLS Encryption

The audit logs feature in Comm100 Live Chat allows you to track all your agents’ activities as well as all changes to your live chat system, which provides accountability to each operation on the system and protects your account from mistaken changes. Learn more

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LDAP Authentication

Crossing platforms and accounts is not only confusing; it’s a waste of time. With the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication, agents can log in with a single user ID to gain access to Comm100 Live Chat and all working platforms, eliminating the need for various usernames and passwords.

LDAP Authentication

With the single sign-on (SSO) authentication, visitors who are already logged into your system can initiate live chat without filling out the pre-chat survey. The personal/account information captured by your login system will be automatically synchronized with live chat. Learn more

Visitor SSO

[White Paper] Comm100 Live Chat Security Features and Practices

In this security white paper, we present a detailed and comprehensive report on Comm100’s security processes and standards; through this we hope not only to prove our commitment to protecting your data, but also how we keep our application safe from cyber threats.

Read the Paper Now

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