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April 14th, 2015 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes
comm100 live chat enterprise reports

Realizing highest quality customer service at minimum support cost is one of the primary goals of each customer service team; and this requires a real-time and comprehensive reporting. To help you gain in-depth knowledge about your chat volume distribution and maximize your operator productivity, we’ve introduced more reports to Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise, dedicated to satisfying large organizations with enterprise-level needs.

Check out our newest additions.

Dashboard Real-Time Monitor

The monitor tracks the real-time number of on-site visitors, online operators, ongoing chats and queued visitors. This helps you keep chat workload in control by handily catching operators’ workload and making timely staffing adjustments in case of exceptions.
comm100 live chat enterprise reports - dashboard

24/7 Chat Distribution

You can get the average number of chats and queued chat requests that happened during the selected time range on a 24/7 basis. With this report, you can further adjust the shift schedules and optimize your staffing by arranging more staff at busy hours on certain days and fewer at the same but free hours on other days, probably the weekends.

Chat Queue Activity

With this report, you can monitor chat abandonment and check the average/maximum waiting time of all chat requests including the missed ones. This enables you to evaluate your service level and predict your visitors’ tolerance for waiting.

Together with 24/7 Distribution report, this report helps you find a sweet point where your support cost is minimized and in the meanwhile quality chat service is guaranteed.

Operator Workload

This report provides fine-grained view of your operators’ workload by unveiling not only their Total Chats and Total Chat Time, which are usually the common metrics to evaluate operator workload, but also Operator Utilization and their Avg. Concurrent Chats. This allows you to further identify your operators’ workload and make better decisions.
  1. Operator utilization

    The percentage of how much time the operator was engaged in chat during the login time. For example, 50% utilization indicates that operators remain idle half of the time when they’re supposed to provide chat service and you would probably consider assigning some chat operators on other tasks to ensure that their productivity is maximized.

  2. Avg. concurrent chats

    The average number of concurrent chats the operator dealt with. As an addition to Total Chats, this metric averages the workload over the entire login time period and offers a further view on your operator workload. A good example would be that a fully occupied operator with 100% utilization might only have one concurrent chat throughout his login time.

    Hence each metric should not be looked at alone, but in relation to others for better decision making.

Operator Efficiency

This report elaborates your operators’ efficiency from multiple perspectives including Avg. Visitor Waiting Time, Avg. Chat Time, Avg. Operator Response Time, Average Visitors’ Chat Messages, and Avg. Operators’ Chat Messages. This unfolds the implications behind the efficiency difference between each operator and enables you to measure your operators on a fairer and more comprehensive ground.
  1. Avg. operator response time

    The average amount of time the operator took to respond to a chat message. This reflects how fast your operators are in replying to clients and help you develop proper improvement ideas in terms of communication skills, typing speed, product knowledge and others.

  2. Avg. visitors’/operators’ chat messages

    The average number of chat messages sent by visitors/operators per chat. This helps you to seek for other possible factors influencing operator efficiency such as operators’ chatting style and more.

These new additions plus other existing ones, such as Operator Status report, Pre/post-chat report, Customer Rating report, we believe, will bring you fresh insights into the effectiveness of your live chat program. We welcome you to register our live demo and join our hosts to start exploring Comm100 reporting.


Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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