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Omnichannel student engagement for educational institutions

Connecting with students, faculty, and staff locally and around the globe requires a new approach to communication.

When it comes to digital transformation in education sector, are you meeting the expectations of today’s education consumers? If you’re asking them to pick up the phone or send an email whenever they have a question, then the answer is ‘no’.

You need a more scalable digital solution. The good news is you can increase student engagement and future-proof your needs at a cost far below what you’re used to seeing with phone-based solutions.

Comm100 Omnichannel Student Engagement is ideal for universities, colleges, community colleges, art academies, sports academies, vocational schools, private educational institutions, etc.

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Be Everywhere

Improve accessibility

Phone support is great – if your contact center is open and there’s no queue. But what about those who would never pick up the phone? Prospective international students, night owls, and weekend academics need other ways to reach you. Be where they are, on social media, text messaging, live chat, and email. Help them help themselves with a knowledge base and an always-on AI-powered chatbot.

Answer the Bell

Increase responsiveness

A digital omnichannel student engagement platform not only helps you be in more than one place at a time, it also helps you never lose the conversation thread. Your agents can keep track of conversations across all channels from one console and can serve more than one visitor at a time, unlike the phone. That helps you handle more questions and deliver more answers than ever before.

Comm100 helps streamline business processes with automation, analytics and bots

Automate and scale

Imagine doubling or even tripling your support volume with zero increase in human resource costs. Imagine siphoning off all the ‘easy’ questions so your team can focus on the hard stuff. That’s the promise of support automation with chatbots and self-serve knowledge bases. Comm100 chatbot for higher education brings your imagination to life.

Increase Efficiency

Save money

At an average cost of 1/3 the price of phone support, live chat for higher education helps you do more with less. Not only can you bring your institution into the 21st century, but you can also save money doing it! You may just find yourself earning an honorary degree in economics for your efforts.

comm100 follows security rules and compliant, including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR

Uncompromising privacy and security

With data centers located in Canada, the US, and Europe, and audited compliance to the broadest range of certifications including ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, and more, only Comm100 can meet your complete security and compliance requirements. If that was stopping you from going digital before, your wait is over.

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