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Omnichannel customer service for Healthcare services

HIPAA-secure digital engagement solution for Healthcare providers

The Healthcare industry never sleeps. Medical staff are constantly facing heavy workloads; digital trends are changing the rules about what’s possible and what’s expected; and it seems like every day new technology is announced that has disruptive and transformative potential in the industry. Layer on rigid regulatory challenges, and you’ve got an industry in need of simple yet secure ways of servicing patients across key digital channels.

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Live chat was a condition to start working towards that mission and be a better pharmacy than what customers are accustomed to. Our strategy is to have very personalized communication with our customers, so we set up our chat to enable customers to pick and choose who they want to talk anytime they visit our site. In our industry, context is important to building trust when talking about health related concerns.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder of Viata

Canadian Blood Services is Comm100's customer
Peninsula Community Health Services is Comm100's customer
Versiti is comm100's customer
Niagara Region Public Health is comm100's customer

Adapt to changing patient expectations

Everyone expects great service today. When Amazon started providing same or next day deliveries for online orders, the bar on service expectations was raised for every business and organization on earth. Live chat for healthcare allows you to meet today’s increasing customer expectations and deliver fast, confidential service that’s personalized and convenient.

Better service in less time

Phone support takes time. When answering calls, your support staff must identify the client, search for their records, and engage in a dozen other tiny tasks that add up to hours of work every week. With Comm100’s fully integrated omnichannel platform, patient and client information is at your fingertips. Whether live chat, email or social media, you have access to all previous conversations within one console. No repetition means faster resolutions, more chats and small queues, all leading to improved patient satisfaction and more efficient office operations.

comm100 live chat is HIPAA compliant

Protect patient privacy

Whatever service you provide, your patients and clients are relying on you to keep their files confidential and their privacy protected. Comm100 is HIPAA-compliant and uses state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption tools. Just like the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software used by a growing number of medical firms, our platform delivers on today’s complex and rigid industry standards.

Control service costs

Grow your healthcare organization by managing patient engagements more efficiently, at a much lower cost than call centers or phone services. Studies show that adding live chat to your support system could save 17-30% of what you spend on phone support alone. Free up resources that can be put towards patient care. Comm100’s platform also provides trackable analytics that can identify operational strengths and weaknesses.

Affordable face-to-face service

For many patients, a trip to the doctor can feel like an impossible ordeal. With live chat, clients can engage with health care services remotely – taking important steps towards treatment and positive experiences. Audio and video chat can also provide support staff with information needed to assess and prioritize patient care. Depending on client needs, these interactions can be made completely anonymous with no IP tracking or user recording. Ideal for hotline services, communication is personal, discreet, and accessible.

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