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Speedy, Sophisticated Live Chats with Custom Variables and Single Sign-On

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Visitors shouldn’t have to repeat information in live chat that your website already knows about them. Our Custom Variable and Single Sign-On features allow visitor information to be pulled directly from your site, reducing customer effort and allowing for seamless integration between your site and Comm100 Live Chat.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Variables and Single Sign-On?

  • No need for agents to repetitively ask the same standard questions
  • Chats are smoother, more personalized and more efficient
  • Categorize visitors in ways that matter to you – allowing for a more targeted service
  • Proactively identity and resolve visitor issues
  • Limit your chats to the customers who matter most to you

No Need for Agents to Repetitively Ask the Same Standard Questions

For every visitor to your website, Comm100 Live Chat captures a number of different pieces of information about them, for example, their browsing history and location.

Both Custom Variables and Single Sign-On can be used to capture even more extra information specific to your visitor, and display that information directly in your agent’s chat console. Matching your website or system fields with Comm100 Live Chat allows visitor data returned to be accurate, clear and right first time.

You can return any account information from logged in members. Or, even if a visitor isn’t logged in, Custom Variables can be used to return any information specific to their visit – such as shopping cart contents or value.

This means that in chat, agents don’t need to ask visitors to type out any information that your website already knows about them, meaning that agents don’t need to ask standard questions about visitors to find out who they are, where they live, or what products they’re buying.

Chats Are Smoother, More Personalized and More Efficient

Custom Variables also save a lot of time. Since 79% of consumers say they prefer live chat for the immediacy it provides, this allows you to not only make savings on the time spent by your agents on chats, it also helps boost customer satisfaction in the service you provide.

Check out these chat logs to see the increase in quality and decrease in chat time that Custom Variables can provide – simply through giving your agents visitor information that your website already knows.

Example Chat with Custom Variables

J: Hi, I’ve made an order with you recently and I’m just wondering what the tracking number on it is?

B: Hi Jenny! Thanks for contacting us. You’re through to Ben today.

B: I’m just checking the details of your order now. Is this the order you made on the 2nd February, for the patent leather heeled shoes?

J: Yes, that’s right.

B: Great. The tracking number on that is #8377265.

J: That’s perfect. Thank you very much for your help!

Example Chat without Custom Variables

J: Hi, I’ve made an order with you recently and I’m just wondering what the tracking number on it is?

B: Hi there! Thanks for contacting us. You’re through to Ben today.

B: Can I take your customer number please?

J: Oh, I don’t have my customer number. Sorry. My name is Jenny Wood.

B: Thanks, I should be able to use that to find your account details.

B: Okay, I’ve found you on the system. So I can verify your identity, can you provide me with your full address and date of birth?

J: It’s 3769 Winter Lane, Alderbury, HS5 2ST. My date of birth is the 24th July 1974.

B: Thank you. Please could you give me some details on the order you’d like me to check?

J: Well, it should be the latest one on your system. I think I made it around the 3rd February but I’m not sure, it was for a pair of heels.

B: Okay, let me look up those details.

B: I can see an order on our system on the 2nd February for a pair of patent leather heeled shoes, is that the order you’d like a tracking number for?

J: Yes.

B: Great. The tracking number on that is #8377265.

Categorize Visitors in Ways that Matter to You – Allowing for a More Targeted Service

Using Custom Variables or Single Sign-On, you can set up chat routing rules to get your visitors chatting to the best specialists on your team for them.

For example, you could route visitors with shopping cart contents worth more than $100 through to a senior sales advisor, who would have the best product knowledge to be able to answer questions and maximize the chances of big sales.

You could also use this functionality to route logged-in visitors to different teams, direct customers to their account managers, or even route VIPs or complaint cases to specialist staff.

Proactively Identify and Resolve Visitor Issues

One advantage of Custom Variables or Single Sign-On is the ability to make more informed decisions about who to invite to chat – whether this is done manually, or through the use of rule-based automatic invitations.

For example, inviting visitors to chat if they have any item in their shopping cart means that you could reach out to potential customers and troubleshoot any problems they may be having before they give up. Since on average 69 out of every 100 customers abandon shopping carts without making a purchase, this can allow you to seriously decrease your cart abandon rate, while providing a stellar level of service.

Limit Your Chats to the Customers Who Matter Most to You

Using Single Sign-On, you can choose whether your customers need to sign into their accounts before a chat. Sign-in can be made mandatory, optional or you can turn the option off completely. This could be useful if you would like to keep your chat service exclusively for customers with accounts.

How Do I Set Up Custom Variables or Single Sign-On?

Since the setup of Custom Variables requires HTML DOM or Javascript variables to read the code on your website, one of your website specialists can write some code and add it to your dashboard.

Single Sign-On works via SAML protocol, and requires an IdP URL and Certificate in order to work correctly. Again, your website specialist will be able to easily implement these.

Any questions? Speak to a member of our team today about how Comm100 Live Chat Custom Variables and Single Sign-On could work for your business.