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Outreach and Contact Management

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Comm100 Outreach is a two-way conversational messaging system that lets organizations support their customers on the most popular communication channels – SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Deliver automated, bulk and personalized messages to your customers, and engage in personal, two-way conversations to deliver the very best support – all from one unified platform. Adopt Comm100 Outreach to support your customers whenever and wherever they want it.

Meet your customers where they are

Comm100 Outreach provides an important tool for you to reach customers and for your customers to reach you, helping you to increase engagement and drive action. Next time you want to capture your customers’ attention, don’t change your message – change where you say your message.

Develop relationships and build loyalty

Comm100 Outreach helps you connect with your customers by sending messages directly to their phones, providing them with support at every stage – whether notifying them about deadlines and upcoming events or letting them know about new offers and sales. Show that you care by meeting your customers’ needs and wants before they even need to ask. You can also choose what mobile number or Email address your outbound bulk messages come from to help build customer trust.

Efficient contact management

To keep your operations efficient and organized, we’ve launched new Contact Management within the Comm100 platform. This lets you easily create, import, and store your contacts, as well as track information about your customers and prospects. It also speeds up the process of selecting your audience so you can always deliver targeted Outreach messaging.

Customized communication, personalized engagement

Personalization is essential in today’s marketing, and Comm100 Outreach empowers you to achieve this. With Outreach, you can send tailored messages to targeted groups of customers by customizing messages based on data within your Contact Management. You can also schedule messages to be sent at the most effective times. Provide your customers with the personalized support they expect and increase engagement with intelligent customer support.

Real-time messaging and ticketing combined

Comm100 Outreach combines the benefits of real-time support with the organization and efficiency of ticketing. While agents can respond immediately to messages from the agent console, they can also follow up later through Comm100’s ticketing system – either by a chatbot or by a specific agent to who the message is directed to depending on your customized routing rules. Better yet, if a customer already has an open ticket in the system, the message is attached to this so there’s no duplication or wasted time.

Lower cost, easier life

Outreach two-way conversational messaging is typically provided as a cloud service, with no additional on-premises infrastructure required. It isn’t reliant on proprietary software embedded within a specific vendor’s technology so there are no additional infrastructure costs.