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Ticketing & Messaging Reports

Comm100 Ticketing and Messaging offers a comprehensive reporting suite that helps you track ticket resolution, team performance and service quality across all your integrated social media, SMS and email accounts.

Real Time

The real time report gives a real-time view of agent performance and service efficiency. This allows you to respond quickly to new issues and make adjustments on the fly.


The volume report provides insight into on the number of tickets your team handles over time. By comparing the number of open, replied to and closed tickets, you can monitor the timeliness of your team’s customer service.


Assess team performance as it relates to response times. Metrics for ticket response and resolution times can be broken down by agent, department or channel so that you can understand your team’s efficiency across all integrated channels.


The channel report tells you where tickets are originating from, and how that has changed over time. This gives you insight into which channels your customers prefer and helps you adjust your channel strategy accordingly.

SLA Policies

The SLA report tells you how well your SLA policies are being adhered to. Measure response time, resolution time, and breach frequency at the agent and/or team level. This helps you identify which agents or departments need improvement.

Agent Availability

The availability report tells you when your team is online and allows you track agent status changes over time. This tells you whether your team is sticking to the schedule you have set for them.

Canned Messages

The canned message report provides insight into how many times each canned message has been used within time range. This helps you understand which questions your customers ask most frequently and identify canned messages that might need improvement.

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