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For over 35 years, Phenomenex has been a global leader in liquid and gas chromatography, providing researchers worldwide with high-quality equipment, sample preparation, and bulk purification chromatographic media. The company serves a highly technical audience, and strives to differentiate itself based on product and service quality. Here’s how Phenomenex uses Comm100 Live Chat to serve their multinational audience and provide instant, 24/7 support and service.

The Deployment in Numbers

  • 99% – chat acceptance rate (not invitations)
  • 4.82 – avg. customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating
  • 96% – avg. customer satisfaction score

The road to 24/7 customer service

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of Phenomenex’s business operations. Due to the highly technical nature of their audience, they quickly found that traditional support channels, namely telephone and email, were hindering the customer experience rather than enhancing it. Their team was unable to share important documents (e.g. product specification sheets) over the phone, and the time lags in email had the potential to delay important research project timelines.

With this mind, they quickly identified live chat as a channel that could overcome the shortfalls of these other channels through real-time communication, rich media capabilities, and the ability to cover all their customers’ time zones with 24/7 availability.

From our customers’ perspective, being able to quickly get support with their products through an instant connection was really important. Usually through channels like email, sales reps will answer questions for them but that’s not an immediate response. It can often take several days for them to reply.

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex

Changing customer preferences also played a pivotal role in their decision to adopt live chat. Their research showed that their audience was more than willing to embrace this new channel over other traditional methods of support as it offers better timeliness, personalization, and resolution.

As a market leader in a highly technical industry, the choice to invest in live chat as a support channel was obvious; checking all the boxes for both their business operations and their customers, live chat was the customer experience powerhouse they needed.

Our audience base is global, and we need to be available on all the different time zones. If you have an urgent issue you can confidently go on our website and connect to a live chat rep and get the answer you need. In this day and age live chat is so valuable for the customer experience. Nobody wants to be on the phone anymore. Being able to chat online with a representative is a far more superior experience.

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex

A channel that could go from ‘Hi There’ to ‘Ni Hao Ma’ and ‘Annyeonghaseyo’ in seconds

In their search for the right live chat provider, auto-translation of inbound messages was nonnegotiable. As a new channel to their tech stack, they were also looking for a vendor that could provide comprehensive analytics and insights into how they were doing.

While that narrowed down their list of vendors significantly, a thorough consultation of review sites like G2Crowd and recommendations from their partners helped pare the finalists down to three options – they ultimately chose Comm100 for its superior auto-translation capabilities and powerful reporting suite.

As we are a global company, auto-translation was one of the main features we were looking for. Not all our reps are able to speak all the different languages of our customers, so auto-translation really helps us communicate with them a lot more easily. Other competitors were missing that, or they had it but were missing the analytics piece. The analytics that Comm100 offers are unmatched compared to other vendors. Other vendors didn’t get as deeply into real-time analytics and historical data. As an overall package, Comm100 provides everything that our company needs.

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex

Thanks to Comm100 Live Chat’s robust features, Phenomenex was able to hit the ground running. Multiple campaigns made multi-language deployments on their region-specific websites easy, while proactive chat invitations were responsible for the huge spike in initial chats and quick adoption of chat as a channel.

With live chat, their customers now get immediate answers to their technical questions anytime and anywhere they need. The numbers show how well they have executed: Phenomenex’s average customer satisfaction score of 96% is almost 13 points above the industry benchmark of 83.1%. Their investment has clearly paid off.

Our goal for live chat is to provide a technical resource rather than just a platform for customer support. We want people to know that they can chat with a technical expert anytime, anywhere if they have any questions.

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex


Live chat has quickly become a central pillar of Phenomenex’s customer service operations. It allows their customers to connect with their technical experts in real-time and get fast answers to their complex queries – regardless of time or language barriers.

Going forward, building off the success of live chat as a support channel, Phenomenex has plans to further roll out the platform to their sales department in order to automate their ordering process. They also are considering using chatbots to better capture customer information. Interested in downloading the full case study? Click here for a pdf copy.

To those contemplating live chat, Lee stresses the importance of doing it right:

Have the resources available to maintain it. If you have somebody on it only for a couple of hours a day it’s not going to be very worth it to you. Our technical manager did a good job of knowing the workload his reps are able to handle, e.g. getting up to 24/7 uptime, making sure we have reps all over the world that are able to be on at the different hours.

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex

About Phenomenex

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, clinical, government and academic laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development to food safety and environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography products, technical services and chemical reference standards accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being Selected by the Wall Street Journal as an “Exceptional Workplace,” Phenomenex is defined by its passionate people, dynamic culture and distinctive ingenuity. These common characteristics unify the Phenomenex companies worldwide behind our mission “to promote the growth, prosperity and well-being of those we serve – our customers, our employees, and humanity.”

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