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Comm100 Live Chat offers the industry’s highest possible availability through our proprietary MaximumOn technology. With MaximumOn, your core live chat service remains intact during scheduled maintenance periods or unexpected system downtime.

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you can deploy comm100 live chat into two separate data centers via MaximumOn™ technology

Data Center Level Redundancy

With the MaximumOn™ technology, your Comm100 Live Chat is deployed in two separate data centers. This means that live chat is uninterrupted while the server is down in one data center.

with MaximumOn™ technology, comm100 live chat can automatically switch to the backup data center if the current one goes offline

Auto Switch to the Backup Data Center

If your Comm100 Live Chat deployment in one data center goes offline the redundant deployment in the other data center automatically takes over. No manual intervention is required.

Ongoing Chats Continue

MaximumOn technology ensures that your ongoing chats continue during the automatic and seamless server switchover. Visitors will be able to initiate new chats normally, without delays.

with MaximumOn technology, no chat transcripts will be lost in Comm100 live chat

Chat Transcript Will Be Preserved

Visitor information and chat transcripts recorded after the failover will be synchronized back to the primary data center. No data will be lost.

[White Paper] Introducing the Comm100 Live Chat MaximumOn™ Technology