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Deploy cloud or self-hosted live chat & chatbots

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Comm100 supports both cloud-based and on-premise deployments so you can choose the setup that works best for your organization. From on cloud live chat to self-hosted chatbots, Comm100 offers the flexibility and control that you need.

Choose a deployment option that suits your business needs

on cloud live chat

On cloud live chat

By choosing on cloud live chat, you share hardware resources with other customers in Comm100’s cloud environment. With Comm100 on cloud live chat, you’ll be up and running in minutes, enjoy automatic updates, and not need any technical skill.

Self-hosted live chat

All data is stored on your own server if you choose Comm100 self-hosted live chat. Data is stored on our own server, giving you complete control, security, and privacy. Often referred to as on-premise live chat, this deployment is also cost-efficient & allows for easy integrations and customization.

self-hosted live chat
on cloud chatbot

On cloud chatbot

With Comm100’s on cloud chatbot, all data is hosted on Comm100’s secure servers so you can benefit from the scalability, reliability and maintenance advantages that cloud chatbot deployment offers.

Self-hosted chatbot

Comm100 offers self-hosted chatbot deployment so you can store your data on your own server and leverage the power of your in-house maintenance team. Also known as chatbot on premise, you have full control over user data and how it’s stored, accessed, and shared.

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“Our experience setting up Comm100 Live Chat was fantastic, and it was no different implementing our chatbot. The team at Comm100 have been great since the beginning – they respond incredibly quickly to us when we have any questions and have given us a lot of guidance on setting up our chatbot for success. Of vendors we’ve worked with, their support really is up there at the top.

– Denny Michaud

Customer Relations Manager, Canadian Blood Services

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