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Whether on your website or in your app, more and more customers want to connect with you via messaging or live chat than any other channel. It’s how work and life happen today. We can help you get there.

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Better service

Messaging and live chat let you connect personally to each visitor on your site, increasing retention and conversion as you level up customer experience.

Better productivity

Live chat agents easily handle 3X more inquiries than phone-based agents. Scale up your customer support quickly and easily, on a platform they’ll love using.

More revenue

Customers who chat before purchasing have a 40% higher conversion rate. Turn browsers into buyers, and buyers into brand champions.

Live chat affords you a quicker back and forth than on phone. Being able to send files instantaneously instead of trying to describe the problem or asking a customer to refresh their inbox is game-changing.

– Trevor DeJong, Customer Service Manager, Stiles Machinery

Web, mobile, in-app messaging

Live chat isn’t just for your website, it’s for every digital property you have, including mobile sites and apps. Now you can connect with your customers wherever they are, whenever they want. That’s the hallmark of the new customer experience paradigm.

Never miss a conversation

Connect with your customers on your website, in your app, and on social media, and respond instantly.

Manage it all from a single console

Comm100 gives you a unified platform for consolidating all your customer conversations easily and seamlessly.

comm100 live chat enables you to chat with your customers face-to-face via audio & video chat feature


Sometimes text-based messaging isn’t quite enough. For those moments, Comm100’s audio or video chat helps your agents get up close and personal with your customers and deliver a truly live, human-to-human experience.

It’s personal

There’s nothing like human-to-human voice communication – but it doesn’t have to be by phone. Use audio or video chat to bridge the digital divide and improve customer satisfaction.

No downloads, no plug-ins

Comm100 audio and video chat is 100% browser based, and always a single click away. Your customers stay in control, requesting and ending audio and video chats whenever they want.

you can access to your customers' web browser via the co-browsing function and serve your customers better


There are times when your agents can better serve your customers if they could see what they see. And now they can. Take the mystery out of online discussions by requesting access to your customer’s web browser so you can watch what they’re doing. If needed, the agent can even request remote control of the browser tab – and only the browser tab – to take matters into their own hands. Welcome to a seamless, hands-on customer service experience.

See things firsthand

Whether it’s a language or technical barrier, co-browsing lets you see exactly what your visitor sees and what they’re doing so you can put them on the right path.

Out-of-the-box functionality

As with audio and video chat, your agents and visitors can co-browse right out of the box – no additional software needed. Simple and secure – exactly how conversations should be.

with comm100 live chat, you can easily share files to your customers

File sharing

Easily share documents, images, and other file types through the chat window, bypassing email completely to deliver the information needed instantly.

Close the loop on docs and forms

Share files with visitors safely and securely right from the chat window. Convenient drag-and-drop on the visitor side makes it easy.

Any file format accepted

Images, documents, PDFs, spreadsheets – all are welcome for Comm100 file sharing. Now that’s easy.

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