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Comm100 Agent Web App

Comm100 Agent Web App enables you to use your preferred Web browser to chat with your website visitors instantly and handle tickets from different channels efficiently.

Cross-Platform Compatible Web App

Cross-Browser Compatible

The Comm100 Agent Web App is fully compatible with all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Always Up-to-Date

Always Up-to-Date

The Comm100 Agent Web App always updates to the latest version automatically to ensure you have access to all the benefits included in each new revision or release.

Chat Settings

Auto Login and Preferences

The Comm100 Agent Web App enables you to set preferences quickly and conveniently. Preferences for settings such as keyboard shortcuts, sound & popup notifications, visitor data fields displayed in your agent console and other are all configurable in the web app. Additionally, auto login is supported, which means you can access the system fast without entering a username and password.

Improve Chat Efficiency - File Transfer

Chat Tools

The agent web app includes handy chat tools to improve your chat efficiency. Using the built-in tools helps you handle multiple concurrent chats easily.

Visitor Info

Real Time Visitor Monitor

Monitor visitor details such as identity and geographic information in real time inside your agent console. Instant access to pertinent details about your visitors enables you to better understand them and personalize services.

chat transfer to another operator or department

Team Collaboration

When you need help from a team member, you can transfer a chat to a colleague or mention him/her with Internal Note. Alternatively, you can initiate an internal chat with a colleague without leaving the session with your visitor. Transfers, internal chats and internal notes enable you to collaborate with other agents to maximize the power of your team and provide better service and support.