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Comm100 Live Chat
Personalized, real-time answers to personal, real questions

Sometimes typing is enough. When it isn’t, you need audio chat, video chat, file sharing or co-browsing to get the job done right – all via Comm100’s live chat software.

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The most powerful live chat software for your website

With more configurability than a Swiss army knife, you’ll be able to deploy live chat customer service exactly the way you want. Why compromise?

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Leverage your data for better service

Easily connect our live chat app to your CRM, shopping cart, or other business systems to deliver personalized and contextually relevant customer service.

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Less than 1/3 the cost of voice support

Live chat software is less expensive to run than a phone system and offers 3X or more agent productivity thanks to concurrency and automation.

Comm100 Security
Uncompromising security and privacy

Communication is a private matter, especially if you’re in a regulated industry like banking, healthcare, or government. You can trust us to keep your customer data safe & secure.

Cloud or on-premise: it’s your choice

We respect your IT policies as much as you do. That’s why we offer convenient cloud or on-premise, self-hosted live chat software – including our award-winning chatbot.

Comm100 puts the customer and agent experiences first, but they also deeply understand the need to show measurable impact. ​ Comm100 has made easy work of proving the benefits of live chat customer service to our business.

– Bob Matthews, Customer Experience Manager, The Cumberland Building Society

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It’s never been easier to get connected

Our live chat app gives you more ways to connect so you can deliver a customer experience that the competition can only dream about.

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Live chat software your agents will love

The Comm100 agent console is designed for peak performance and usability – so your agents can deliver personalized, quality live chat customer service with less effort. Easy to learn and quick to master, you’ll be up and running in hours, not days.

Comm100 Live Chat Analytics

Power and control at your fingertips

Comm100 offers you all the tools and analytics you need to keep your team at optimal performance. From managing roles and permissions to supervising chats to insightful reporting, only Comm100 helps you turn a live chat app into a competitive advantage.

We often have visitors chatting in different languages; Comm100’s auto-translation feature is great. We also love the canned messages tool because it makes it easy to ensure all of our customer-facing communication is aligned and customers are getting the same answer. The Comm100 dashboard is also super easy to use: I can see how many agents are currently on chat, how many ongoing chats they currently have, and if there’s a queue. I can then make informed decisions about how and when to deploy our chat agents.

– Ashley Mealey, iBex Global Team Manager, Fitbit

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