Your customers increasingly expect you to be available – and responsive – on their terms. That includes social media customer support channels like Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. Comm100 Multi-Channel lets you meet your customers’ expectations with less effort and better results than you ever imagined.

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Plug-in to social channels

Social media management tools weren’t built for customer service – but Comm100 Multi-channel is. Up your social media support game quickly and easily with our robust platform that plugs directly into Twitter, Facebook, and WeChat, with more platforms coming soon.

Streamline social responses

With Comm100 Multi-channel, gone are the days of your organization’s social media team responding to support tweets and messages (gasp!), or copy-and-pasting queries into an email and forwarding to your customer service team. Now you can handle those directly, right from the Comm100 Live Chat agent console.

Metrics at your fingertips

As you would expect from Comm100, our social media reporting helps you understand every key metric about this essential digital conversation channel. From source to volume to performance, you can keep a watchful eye and make better decisions for the future.

Unified agent console

Your agents don’t need yet another interface to handle social media inquiries. Comm100 Multi-channel brings them all under the same familiar, easy to use umbrella!

One console for all accounts

Simply set up your Twitter, Facebook, and WeChat accounts in the Comm100 console and access every message all in one place, without the need to login to each one every time. What could be easier?

Better support workflow

Comm100 Multi-channel simplifies social media support including complete transparency into conversation details and history – you just can’t get that from native applications or social media management platforms.

Manage both direct and public inquiries

Easily respond to tweets, direct messages, posts, and Facebook Messenger threads directly from the agent console – say good-bye to native apps and hello to a simplified world of social conversations.

Sort, filter, label, and prioritize

Unlike native social apps, Comm100 Multi-channel lets you create and assign cases, pend awaiting responses, and add extra notes to improve collaboration and resolution.

Manage social conversations with ease

Some inquiries need more investigation before they can be resolved. With Comm100, you can easily convert social media-sourced inquiries into support tickets, get the help you need from within your organization, and close the loop later, keeping accurate and shared notes along the way.

Detailed reporting that drives improvement

Comm100 Multi-channel includes robust reporting that paints a clear picture of your social media support traffic and performance metrics. Need to crunch the numbers offline? Easily share all the report data with business intelligence tools through our API.

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