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Join.Me Integration

Comm100 Live Chat Join.Me Integration enables you to start a screen sharing session with your visitor directly from your chat console, providing them with remote assistance instantly. With the Join.Me integration, your live chat will be as efficient as ever, enabling your agents to increase customer satisfaction with their newly enhanced problem resolution capabilities.

Comm100 Live Chat

Start a Join.Me Meeting from Your Chat Console

When you enable the Join.Me integration, you can start a meeting directly from your chat console. A link to the meeting will be automatically sent to the visitor you are chatting with, inviting him/her to join a screen sharing session.

Comm100 Join Me View Visitor's Screen

View Visitor’s Screen

Once the screen sharing session is established, you can see the visitor’s home screen exactly as he/she sees it, enabling you to quickly locate and resolve the issue at hand. This feature allows you to provide your visitors with the leading innovation in troubleshooting, in addition to direct product and consumer guidance.

For example, instead of laboring through text-based descriptions of technical problems, a visitor can show you the particular component of your product or website he/she struggles to use. Then in real time, you can guide your customer with step-by-step instructions, virtually guiding the way to an efficient and quality resolution. show screen to visitor

Show Your Screen to Visitor

You can request the permission to share your own screen with visitors during a Join.Me meeting. By showing your screen to your visitors, you are able to demonstrate your products, showcase your webpages, and walk them through complicated troubleshooting. This saves everyone time that is typically wasted on text explanations and back-and-forth communication. Not to mention, giving your customers access to your screen is like inviting them directly into your office—it offers a level of transparency that can inspire trust, loyalty and confidence in your company. control mouse

Remotely Control Visitor’s Mouse

Visitors are able to share mouse control with you so that you can troubleshoot directly on their screen without remote explanation. With this ability, you can also instruct visually and demonstrate product features. This promotes clarity and accuracy, saving time for both you and your visitors.

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