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Our clients include
Canadian Blood Services is Comm100's customer
Peninsula Community Health Services is Comm100's customer
Versiti is comm100's customer
Niagara Region Public Health is comm100's customer

Learn how Comm100 can help you and your healthcare clients:

  • Adapt and evolve to boost CX And Increase CSAT
  • HIPAA compliant and protected with Protected Health Information (ePHI). From PCI compliant forms and SOC 2 certification, to credit card masking, SSL/TLS encryption, and GDPR, security is non-negotiable. 

Drive better healthcare experiences with:

Business Value Drivers:

  • The Top 100 customer intents for CU
  • Optimal Human + AI
  • Drive digital transformation with seamless management across all channels.

Learn More With our Resource Kit:

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The Healthcare Service Provider’s Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots
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