Live Chat Magento Plugin

Quickly Add a Chat Extension to Your Magento Website

Comm100 Live Chat Magento Plugin enables you to add a live chat extension to your Magento site quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can place a chat button on each page of your Magento website. Afterwards, your visitors can click the button to chat with you in real time and get assistance.

No Live Chat Code Pasting

With just a few clicks from within your Magento admin panel, you are can add a chat extension to your Magento website and place a chat button on every page.

Magento Chat Extension - No Live Chat Code Pasting

One Click Access to Chat

You can log into your chat console directly from your Magento admin panel with just one click. And then start chatting with visitors in real time or access your live chat settings.

Magento Chat Extension - Chat with Visitors with One Click

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