• Live Chat Enterprise

    Comm100 Live Chat for
    Enterprise Customer Care and Sales

    Built for large contact centers to increase sales,
    maximize agent productivity
    and improve enterprise customer care.

Enterprise Features at a Glance

  • Auto Chat Assignment

  • Load BalancingRound RobinCapability Weighted Backup DepartmentLast-Chatted Agent PreferredWaiting List
  • Team Collaboration

  • Chat with Other AgentsTransfer Chat to Another Agent/DepartmentJoin an Ongoing Chat
  • Quality Control

  • Real Time Chat SupervisionChat TakeoverTranscript Review Post-Chat SurveyMissed Chat Report
  • Reports

  • Real TimeChat VolumeChat Source QueueWait TimeChat TransferAvailabilityWorkload EfficiencyRatingPost-Chat SurveyPre-Chat SurveyWrap-UpManual InvitationAuto InvitationOffline MessageCanned MessageReports by 24/7 or Half-Hour DistributionReports by Agent/Department/Campaign/Visitor Segment or at Website LevelReport Export
  • Data Security and Reliability

  • MaximumOn™Secure Data CenterRigorous Backup Strategy SSL/TLS EncryptionTransparent Privacy Policy24/7 Service MonitoringPassword PolicyAudit Log LDAP IntegrationSSOPCI Compliant Secure FormCredit Card Masking
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Benefits for Enterprise Businesses

Accelerate Your ROI

With over 6 years of experience and continuous improvements, Comm100 has developed Live Chat Software that is cutting edge technology and a proven solution to thousands of large-scale contact centers worldwide to support enterprise customer care and sales. Our aim is simple – to provide you with the necessary tools to yield the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for your enterprise sales efforts. Our dedicated customer solutions team will work closely with you to customize a live chat solution that is suitable for your business.

Increase Sales and Conversion

Most companies see at least a 15% growth in enterprise sales revenues and increased website conversion rates after implementing Comm100. Personalized auto invitations enable your agents to proactively answer product questions and make product recommendations, so that shopping carts always make it past checkout. Our full suite of website integration features allow agents to see customer accounts and shopping cart details so that they can provide an exceptional experience.

Maximize Productivity

Our industry leading Auto Chat Distribution (ACD) feature distributes a large number of chat requests to the right agents based on pre-defined rules. Our comprehensive reports give you full insight of agent productivity, performance and queue statistics so you can make informed decisions. Customer satisfaction ratings help you distinguish agent performance differences and identify training opportunities to further improve your team’s productivity.

Key Advantages

Instant Access to Visitor Information

Using multiple data capture channels such as custom variables and CRM integration, Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise provides your agents with clear pictures of of who is visiting your website and what they came for, as well as what they may be interested in. This kind of information greatly reduces communication costs while delivering enterprise customer care in a more personalized way. In addition, all visitor data collected from the above channels can be used for defining visitor segment rules as well as for setting up important ACD and routing rules.

Instant Access to Visitor Information

Increased Work Efficiency

With Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise’s ACD (Auto Chat Distribution) feature, every chat request goes to the proper agent or department on availability, skill level and rules or the rules/parameters that your company defines. This prevents your agents from transferring customers to other agents or departments manually which improves work efficiency and customer satisfaction all through your enterprise.

Increased Work Efficiency to provide better enterprise customer care

Easy Access to Agent Performance Metrics

With agent-level KPI reporting for workloads, work efficiency and customer ratings, Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise makes it easy for managers to differentiate and reward top performers while at the same time discovering new training opportunities for those who are not performing as needed. Accurate and thorough performance reporting motivates your customer service team and improves the overall standard of service in your enterprise.

Easy Access to Agent Performance Metrics

Optimized Scheduling Tools

Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise has 24/7 workload distribution and queue information tools to ensure accurate and effective scheduling. Schedule your team shifts according to workload forecast to prevent under and over staffing. Build in real-time monitoring allows for onsite supervision of volume situations and revision of staffing decisions as they occur.

Optimized Scheduling Tools

24/7 Availability and Maximum Security

Hackers, DDoS attacks as well as hardware outages are a constant concern for high-volume websites. Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise protects your company with industry-leading infrastructures and technology, ensuring that your live chat application has the best reliability and security possible. With Comm100’s MaximumOn™ technology, your live chat stays on throughout a scheduled maintenance or even an unexpected system failure. You also have the ability to control the security via role permission and login activity by blocking agents after failed logins, disabling inactive agents and a host of other security related features.

High Availability and Security

Consulting, Support and Training

Comm100 provides continuous access to customer support through a variety of methods. All subscribers of Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise receive:

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Access to multiple support channels that include live chat, phone, email, knowledge base articles and more.
  • A dedicated account manager and solution consultant to help with implementation, onboarding and training. We can train your agents to use Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise or, if you prefer, we can train your in-house trainer so that you can train agents according to your own needs and policies. If your enterprise needs custom features or tools, your assigned on-boarding team will be happy to help with implementation of those requirements as well.
Consulting, Support & Training

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