CheckMark Saw a 20% Increase in New Sales after Implementing Comm100 Live Chat

About CheckMark

CheckMark has been dedicated to providing accounting and payroll solutions to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide since 1984. In addition to the software solutions, CheckMark also offers time and attendance solutions and HR support center access to their customers.

The Challenge

As a company that always puts customers first, CheckMark prides itself in superior customer service and knows well the importance of making it easy for customers to get in touch. Before, CheckMark had been vigorously providing customer support via email and phone. Yet as modern technologies transformed people’s communication habits, CheckMark realized that it was not enough to offer email and phone support only. Customers want communications that are quicker, easier and more to-the-point.

To keep the high customer satisfaction rate, CheckMark need to open a new way of communication that caters to the very trend. “We found it necessary to provide another option for our customers and prospective customers to contact us. The ability to address and answer questions quickly is an important part of providing exceptional customer service,” said Brian Grosz, Director of Marketing/Sales at CheckMark.

The Solution

During the quest for a solution that best matched their needs, CheckMark ran into Comm100 Live Chat among several other live chat software solutions. Comm100 Live Chat was the first one they decided to go with because it was very user friendly and since then they have never found the necessity to change. “The variety of features and options is the reason why we have chosen to stay with Comm100 as our live chat provider,” added Brian.

When asked about their favorite features, Brian said: “One of the features most commonly used is the canned message. Having the option to enter in personalized messages to quickly choose from increases our response speed and accuracy to a great extent.”

The Benefits

After implementing Comm100 Live Chat, CheckMark got the results as they expected, if not more, and saw an obvious increase in both sales and customer satisfaction. “Over the past months, we’ve increased new sales for 10-20% on the various software and services we offer and having a reliable, fast live chat system in place gives our customers, or potential customers, the confidence they look for when they need answers now,” said Brian.

“Increased communication and customer satisfaction are two benefits that we have experienced using Comm100 Live Chat. It is a great sales and support feature that I can foresee us using for years to come. Thank Comm100 for such a wonderful program!”

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CheckMark, Inc.

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  • Industry: IT Solutions & Services
  • Comm100 Customer: Since 2013
  • Need: Live Chat Software
  • The Solution: Comm100 Live Chat


“We’ve increased new sales for 10-20% and having a reliable, fast live chat system in place gives our customers the confidence they look for.”
Brian Grosz

Brian Grosz

Director of Marketing/Sales