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When it comes to genuine customer care, nothing beats a real, honest conversation. And when it comes to online convenience and flexibility, nothing’s better than live chat.

Look no further than our free live chat to make it happen. Powerful features like pre-chat surveys, file sharing, canned messages, and many more help you connect meaningfully with every visitor, answering their questions and solving their problems quickly and easily in real time.

Office not open? No problem! Comm100 Live Chat can also capture messages for when you’re back in action.

Comm100 puts the customer and agent experiences first, but they also deeply understand the need to show measurable impact. ​ Comm100 has made easy work of proving the benefits of live chat support software to your business.

– Bob Matthews, Customer Experience Manager, The Cumberland Building Society

The Cumberland Building Society

Why live chat?

Your customers are on the go – literally and figuratively speaking. They’re spending more time on their mobile phones, and more time juggling several things at once. The last thing they have time for is a phone call!

With live chat, they can reach out wherever they are without having to drop everything once an operator finally picks up. Live chat is more accessible, more convenient, and just as personal as the phone. What more could you want?

Comm100 Live Chat - Agent Experience

Why Comm100's free live chat?

We’ve been helping companies all over the world – large and small – connect with their customers through live chat since 2009. Our award-winning platform gives you more capabilities, more flexibility, and more security than any other on the market.

And as your business grows, so will your platform – with powerful add-ons and upgrades to keep pace with your expanding customer base.

Chat is just the beginning

Sure, there are other free live chat solutions on the market. But most don’t include other everyday channels like email, social media, and SMS, and most don’t include a powerful knowledge base for self-serve customer support. And it’s all free!

Everything you need in one place to deliver outstanding customer service wherever, whenever, and however your customers want.

Some of the great things you can do with Comm100's free live chat software

Free live chat for your website & mobile app
Handle multiple simultaneous chats
Internal team chat
Pre-chat survey
Customizable chat window
Leave offline messages
Supervisor chat monitoring
Post-chat survey
Web, desktop and mobile app for agents
Configurable agent status
Remove agent from chat
Canned messages
Join existing chat
Ban visitors from chat
File and image sharing
Spell checker
Transfer chat to another agent
Visitor monitoring
Chat volume report

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