It’s easy to create a customer engagement software ecosystem to help you work smarter and faster

Connect Comm100 Free to your core business software systems for enhanced performance and productivity: e-commerce, website management, social media, email, and beyond! No programming or advanced technical skills required.


Shopify Plus

  • Ready-made live chat integration for Shopify Plus helps you convert more visitors to customers
  • Maximize shopping cart value and reduce abandonment
  • Deliver more personalized, contextual shopping service, run better promotions, and sell more.

Website content management

  • Effortlessly integrate WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS with Comm100
  • Add live chat to your website with just a few clicks
  • No need to copy and paste live chat HTML code
  • Access Comm100 Live Chat from your content management system admin portal.
Social Media Integration

Social media & messaging

  • Connect Comm100 to your Facebook, WhatsApp Business, and WeChat accounts to track and manage all your social conversations in one place
  • Simply add your account credentials to your Comm100 admin console
  • Your customers don’t need to install or do anything.


  • Add your company’s mobile phone number to Comm100 to start messaging your customers via SMS
  • Send and receive messages through this convenient, everyday channel (one-to-one only, no outbound broadcasting)
  • Perfect for staying in touch with customers on the go.


  • Send and receive email through Comm100
  • Separate your personal inboxes from your customer service inbox
  • Manage all customer communications in one convenient place.


  • Live chat webhooks allow you to extend the capabilities of Comm100 by sharing or retrieving data with or from other systems
  • When a certain event occurs, your webhook will send data to a specified URL, which could be another web application or storage location
  • You can set up webhooks for 7 different live chat events: Offline Message Submitted, Chat Started, Chat Ended, Chat Wrapped-Up, Agent Status Changed, Chat Requested, and Chat Transferred.

Zapier integrations

  • Automate a wide range of business workflows using the Zapier integration platform
  • Connect Comm100 to hundreds of applications including Google Docs, HubSpot, MailChimp, Slack, and more
  • Comm100’s easy to use interface and premade Zapier integration templates help you connect in seconds
  • No coding required.

Comm100 Free helps you build a better customer engagement software ecosystem. Get started today!

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