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The customer engagement platform designed for the digital age

Your customers want to reach you whenever, wherever, and however they want. That means on digital channels like chat, video, email, social media and messaging, and with chatbots and self-serve knowledge bases. We make it easy – for your customers and your agents.

Live Chat Agent Experience

Live Chat

From smart routing to automatic translation,audio & video chat, file sharing, and beyond, live chat is more powerful and more flexible than you think.

Omnichannel Ticketing & Messaging

Ticketing & Messaging

Track and manage all your customer requests from email, social media, messaging, and SMS through one robust and easy-to-use system.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Easily build and maintain a catalog of helpful information and resources for your customers or your agents. Deploy it on your website and inside your live chat window.

Chatbot and Agent Assist

Chatbots and AI for Agents

Harness the power of AI, NLP, context, and customer data to deliver better customer experiences at scale.


Award-winning, enterprise-grade omnichannel platform

“With a user-friendly platform and outstanding support, Comm100 made the integration of digital communication into my daily work easy and straightforward. My clients now have a choice as to how they want to connect with me!”

– Kathryn van Pelt, Public Health Nurse, York Region

Security - PCI - ISO - HIPAA - SOC2 - GDPR

Iron-clad security

From PCI compliant forms and SOC 2 certification, to credit card masking, SSL/TLS encryption, and GDPR, security is non-negotiable. Comm100 is leading the way with these and other security protocols that exceed industry requirements to keep your data secure. We offer cloud-based solutions or when preferred, on-site deployments that ensure the software you use is under your control and safely behind your firewall.

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