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Bilzen, Belgium


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  • Founded in 2014
  • Live chat deployed on 6 multi-language websites
  • Strong use of video chat helps strengthen personalized service

Upgrading the live chat experience

Our mission is to exceed the typical pharmacy experience. Live chat was a condition to start working towards that mission and be a better pharmacy than what customers are accustomed to. Our strategy is to have very personalized communication with our customers, so we set up our chat to enable customers to pick and choose who they want to talk anytime they visit our site. In our industry, context is important to building trust when talking about health related concerns.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

As their business grew, Viata quickly found that their original live chat solution didn’t have the functionality required to support their rapidly growing business. Gianni, co-founder and resident website guru, set out on a quest to find a more robust live chat solution that could support their needs.

When evaluating live chat solutions, Comm100’s co-browsing feature, audio and video capabilities, and powerful reporting suite caught Gianni’s eye, and the fast and easy sales process sealed the deal. With Comm100 they found a partner with a unique blend of advanced product capabilities and world-class service.

We wanted to start adding more agents, but also upgrade to more robust features like co-browsing, audio/video chat, and detailed reporting. There were many chat providers out there but the quality just wasn’t there. What we liked about Comm100 was their hands-on approach, fast and easy sales process, plus the ability to get a demo environment customized to the way we wanted it ourselves. The platform offered everything we wanted and more.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

Replicating the “brick-and-mortar” service experience online

Implementation was easy and intuitive. Even in their demo environment, Viata was able to fully customize the tool to adapt to their workflow – adapting it for their website in 6 different languages to create very personal agent-visitor experiences. When support was needed, it was fast and effective. Within a few short weeks, they had live chat up and running exactly as expected.

Implementation was very straightforward. Comm100 was able to meet even our most complex customization requirements, spanning countries, agents, and even languages. The platform was intuitive enough for us to configure by ourselves with minimal support needed from the team.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

Comm100’s co-browse feature has allowed Viata to create a “virtual brick-and-mortar” experience, where they can showcase products and explain how to use them. This has been particularly important for their older audience – curbing confusion and frustration associated with shopping online.

If you don’t have co-browsing capabilities, chat can become frustrating for our older customers. When evaluating healthcare products, the back and forth required to explain something can be a deterrent and cause them to leave. With co-browsing we can make any complex interaction easy.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

Alongside co-browsing, proactive chat invitations have taken this experience to the next level. With proactive chat invitations, Viata’s agents have the opportunity to “walk up” to a visitor on their website and say, “Can I help you?”.

Instead of waiting for a visitor to ask a question or worse, allow them to abandon their search, live chat lets Viata initiate a conversation just like a pharmacist would in a traditional pharmacy. In one case, auto-invitations are set to appear on the search page if a customer attempts 2 searches with no results – allowing pharmacists to capture visitors at risk of bouncing before they fall through the cracks.

Excellent customer service pays dividends

Viata has been earned the status of market leader in their industry, and live chat has helped them up their game in delivering exceptional customer care. For them, quality customer service isn’t an expense with a price tag, but a strategic business requirement.

We’ve had other e-commerce businesses come take a look at what we we’re doing and ask for advice. We’re well known for being a very customer-oriented company and live chat’s unique features help us deliver great service. We don’t measure customer service as an expense but focus on quality and the time spent to provide great experiences. Without customers, we don’t have a business.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

Currently, Viata boasts an impressive total chat conversion rate of close to 20%. Thanks to Comm100 Live Chat, agents and pharmacists have developed more positive personal relationships with both prospects and customers and have driven more sales as a result.

Looking forward to the future

Tying together powerful features, efficiency at scale, and more personalized interactions, Comm100 helps Viata make every interaction – from search to checkout – a great experience. For their customers, quality customer service is only a click away.

Live chat makes it easy for customers to engage with any business, but you have to go all in. You need available agents with the right skillset to service customers at the right time.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

In keeping with their early-adopter mindset, Viata is keen to expand the use of video chat to enhance the live chat experience even further. They also plan to extend chat into other countries and languages, and add more agents to service even more customers. Interested in downloading the full case study? Click here for a pdf copy.

To those contemplating live chat, De Gaspari has this to say:

If you go with live chat, go hard. Live chat isn’t something you can set and forget; it requires a commitment from your organization to provide excellent customer service. Too often businesses deploy live chat and don’t have anyone on the other end.

Gianni De Gaspari, Co-founder

About Viata

Founded in 2014, Viata is Belgium’s leading, award-winning online pharmacy where advice to the patient is central to its strategy. Viata offers 30,000 products from more than 1,000 brands. With a mission to ‘exceed the typical pharmacy experience’, Viata has been growing fast through its network of e-commerce sites in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Viata’s team of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants focus on giving personal advice and building personal relationships with its recurring and growing customer base in 28 countries across the European Union.

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