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The Importance of Always-on Customer Communications

We’ve all done it – politely (or otherwise) hung up on a call from a telemarketer. We’ve even abandoned a call that we started out of frustration or because ‘something’ came up.

But the other way around? Can you imagine a customer service agent hanging up on you? “How to Hang Up on Customers and Excel at Customer Service” is a course that no one offers, ever. That’s not to say it’s never OK to hang up – there are definitely situations that call for an agent to end the call proactively by hanging up: excessive rudeness, screaming, threats, and only after at least one polite warning to cease the behavior.

The same applies to live chat: as a customer it’s totally OK to decline proactive chats, just like it’s OK to not answer the phone in the first place – although some think that’s becoming a bit of an epidemic. It’s even OK to close a chat that you initiated. As a live chat agent, it’s OK under certain circumstances to close a chat when it gets abusive or spammy.

What you never want is the chat to close on its own because your system went offline unexpectedly.

With all the talk about customer-centricity and customer experience being the next battleground for corporate growth, even more so than price, it follows that live chat is a mission-critical communication channel. So why would you risk it going offline because your chat vendor can’t meet your availability requirements?

In 2014 we launched our MaximumOn service – a failover system that ensures that our live chat cloud solution would never go offline. We were one of the first live chat vendors to do this. MaximumOn assures our customers that their core live chat offering would always be available for their customers. Originally offered only to our Enterprise customers, this service was extended to our entire cloud customer base in September 2018.

This month we’re excited to extend the scope of MaximumOn by taking it well beyond just the core live chat. We’ve added the following services to make it even more effective:

  • AI Chatbot
  • Manual chat invitations
  • Site visit, number of chats, offline message data in agent console
  • Access to chat history in agent console
  • Convert a chat to a ticket
  • Create/manage tickets
  • Download PDF of chat transcript
  • Social media integration
  • Zendesk integration
  • integration
  • Ban visitors
  • Change agent console settings

Whether you’re using Comm100 for sales, support, or both, the last thing you want is to drop a chat with an engaged visitor. Only MaximumOn from Comm100 offers you the uptime assurance you need to make sure that never happens. If your current chat service can’t do this, it’s time you considered an alternative to putting your customer experience and customer satisfaction at unnecessary risk.

About Jeff Epstein

Jeff is Comm100’s VP Product Marketing and Communications. He’s a B2B marketer with 20+ years’ experience creating compelling messaging and content for sales enablement and demand generation. Having held roles with companies including IBM, General Motors, and Comm100, Jeff knows how to connect solutions to buyers.