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Comm100 Releases Updated MaximumOn™ Technology, Providing Guaranteed Uptime for All Customers

In the tech world, reliability is the key to success; no matter how innovative or groundbreaking technology is, if it’s not reliable, customers will not buy it. At Comm100, we understand that this is especially true for the digital engagement industry where our customers rely on live chat, email and self-serve platforms to deliver the level of service that their end customers have come to expect. That’s why we have spared no effort when it comes to our MaximumOn™ technology, which delivers the best uptime guarantee in the industry.

According to a study conducted in 2013 by the Ponemon Institute, 91 percent of surveyed data centers had experienced an unplanned outage in the past 24 months. The study further shows that the average cost per minute of data center downtime in 2013 was $7,908. MaximumOn™ protects against planned and unplanned outages, providing data center-level redundancy for Comm100 Live Chat by deploying the solution on two servers located in two separate data centers that are at least 1,000 miles away from each other. This ensures that in the case of server failure, even those caused by natural disasters, our customers are always able to chat with their end customers.

MaximumOn™ can protect live chat service from the following failures:

  • Redundant component failure, such as hard disk, fan, power unit and network card failure
  • Non-redundant component failure, such as motherboard or CPU failure
  • System-level failure, such as server failure, hardware and software upgrade
  • Network problems, such as network device failure and DNS server failure
  • Data center level failure, such as loss of electricity, fire in the building, DDOS attack and cooling system failure
  • Human error, such as incorrect firewall settings, accidental file deletion and misconfiguration of network elements

When a failure occurs, the process of switching servers is seamless and automatic and does not impact any current sessions or prohibit customers from initiating new sessions. Further, it ensures that no matter which server the platform is running on, security is guaranteed and transcripts are never lost, a key concern for all our customers but especially those in highly regulated industries like banking and government.

“With MaximumOn™, customers can be sure that their live chat is stable, reliable and secure,” said David Carlson, Director of Solutions for Comm100. “By offering guaranteed uptime and data center-level redundancy, Comm100 delivers peace of mind and enables our customers to focus on delivering the best experience possible.”

While MaximumOn™ has been available since 2014, the newest release extends the offering for all subscribing cloud-based customers.

For more information on MaximumOn, check out our website, or download this whitepaper.

Lisa Dimyadi

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