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MaximumOn™ Technology Provides Guaranteed Uptime for Live Chat

We understand that reliable and robust live chat service is critical to the success of our customers. That’s why we spared no effort in researching new technology and architecture that can offer our customers guaranteed uptime for Comm100 Live Chat. Here’s where MaximumOn™ comes into play.

MaximumOn™ provides data center level redundancy for Comm100 Live Chat to achieve guaranteed uptime. Through MaximumOn™ , Comm100 Live Chat is deployed on 2 servers located in 2 separate data centers. In the event that one server fails for any reason, the service will automatically switch to the other server. The process is seamless and will not impact any current or new chat sessions. MaximumOn™ is available, free of charge, for all subscribing cloud-based customers.


comm100 maximumon technology - structure

In Primary Deployment, we employ the necessary redundancies to sustain the system in the event of component or system level failures. A high-end N+1 data center is selected to host the servers. Rigorous disaster recovery plans are implemented. Data is continually backed up both locally and to a remote site.

In addition to the Primary Deployment, we implement Redundant Deployment in a separate data center, which synchronizes software applications and databases with Primary Deployment.

The Moderator monitors the status of the two deployments and indicates the currently active one for Operators and Website Visitors. Failover is automatic by default. Normally, Operators and Website Visitors are connected to the Primary Deployment. If it fails, the Moderator will direct them to the Redundant Deployment on standby. When the Primary Deployment is back to normal, the Moderator will set it as active again and synchronize all the data. When the Moderator fails, Operators and Website Visitors will bypass the Moderator to directly connect with the Primary Deployment or the Redundant Deployment. Manual failover is also provided in the event of planned downtime.


Not only does MaximumOn™ keep your live chat service up and running even during scheduled maintenance, it will also protect your live chat service from the following failures:

  • Redundant component failure, such as hard disk, fan, power unit and network card failure
  • Non-redundant component failure, such as mother board, CPU failure
  • System level failure, such as server failure, hardware & software upgrade
  • Network problems such as network device failure and DNS server failure
  • Data center level failure, such as loss of electricity, fire in the building, DDoS attack and cooling system failure
  • Human error, such as incorrect firewall settings, accidental file deletion and misconfiguration of network elements

If any of the above failures occur, a redundant component, server or data center will be used immediately to provide continuous live chat service for you. An ongoing chat will continue uninterrupted and core live chat features will not be affected by the server changeover. You will still be able to message your visitors on live chat.


Compared to traditional Disaster Recovery solutions, MaximumOn™ technology has obvious advantages:

  • Redundancy is at the data center level. Live chats won’t be interrupted even when the data center fails.
  • Ongoing chats will continue, business as usual.
  • Visitors can start new chats normally.
  • The switch from one server to the other is seamless.
  • No chats transcript will be lost.
  • No manual intervention, code switch or testing is required.
Download now: Comm100 Live Chat MaximumOn™ Technology

Download now: Comm100 Live Chat MaximumOn™ Technology

Want to know more about the MaximumOn™ technology? This white paper explains in details how and why our MaximumOn™ can ensure 100% uptime SLA.

Download Now


MaximumOn™ is available, free of charge, for all subscribing cloud-based customers. If you have any questions, chat with our support team or send us an email.

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