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CheckMark, Inc.

"We've increased new sales for 10-20% and having a reliable, fast live chat system in place gives our customers the confidence they look for."

Speck Products

"We can't say enough good things about our experiences with Comm100. We have closed sales that we would have otherwise lost if it weren't for the live chat solution."

Birando UK

"We have seen an obvious increase in both sales and customer satisfaction while the time spent responding to customers is cut down by 40%."

Zip2Tax, LLC

"We've seen a more than 23% growth in sales year over year and any customer trying to contact us will be addressed quickly and professionally using Comm100 Live Chat and Ticket."

Man and Vans

"Now up to 25% of bookings are dealt with purely online, saving us time and making the process more efficient for customers."

The Water Cooler Company

"After two months of using Comm100 Live Chat, we had increased our revenue through the website by 15% with one less staff member."


"Since using Comm100, we have moved from 65% of purchases coming from first visit customers up to 80% for same day purchasing."

AmiciCani Association

"Comm100 Live Chat is very simple, fast and flexible. It can even be used on iPhone and other mobile phones. Wherever we are, we can talk with our members."


"Since we are using Comm100 Live Chat, the percentage of newly registered customers who placed order has almost doubled."

National Eating Disorders Association

"This new generation is chatting with us more than they are calling. We have seen our numbers totally flip, and more people are chatting than any other contact method at this point."

Scott Systems

"I like Comm100 better than all of the other chat programs out there. You name it, we've looked at it. For us, Comm100 Live Chat just works perfectly."

User Testimonials

TesTimonials Fazlullah CouldWebs

"I like its graphic design and speed. I like the ability to get customer information that we actually need before a chat starts. Comm100 Live Chat allows us to satisfy customer needs in real time and shows me the growing of business and sales. Really, we have seen a 135% increase in customers."

- Fazlullah Sadiq, CEO, CloudWebs.IN

TesTimonials STeven Soufeel

"I'd like to describe Comm100 as my best website assistant! With Comm100, we can see on which page a customer is, so that we can figure out what his or her problem might be. We can also check the customer's IP address, thus, we'll know what language to use at the very beginning of each chat. It's just so convenient, no matter for an exchange or return; we could finish it online, instead of via thousands of annoying emails!"

- Steven Gao, CEO, SOUFEEL Jewelry

TesTimonials Keziah BeachClubResorTs

"Comm100 Live Chat has definitely increased sales and we tend to think that our website before we use this software was like having a shop with no staff; we can now help customers at any point during their visit to our website and track their progress, which is great. This is also very professional and just works and is easy for all our staff to use. Comm100 Live Chat has become vital to our business."

- Keziah Edwards, Travel Consultant, Beach Club Resorts

TesTimonials Maciek eMobileScan

"We tested another live chat solution, but finally we chose Comm100. Why? From a developer's point of view, the implementation of Comm100 Live Chat is easier, more configurable and most importantly, broadly customizable. We can comfortably use it in a multilingual environment and customize every single element. In addition, Comm100's powerful features are available at a reasonable price. I highly recommend it!"

- Maciej Wieczorek, Web Developer, eMobileScan

TesTimonials Harp flyhighbuy

"Since I use Comm100, my business has gone forwards. Comm100 has the live chat software, forum software, support ticket, email marketing software...Now I regret that I cost thousands of dollars, but thank god, I have Comm100 now and I highly recommend it."

- Harprit Singh, CEO, FlyHighBuy

TesTimonials Tapash Angelesia

"Finally we found Comm100 and since then, our visitors have got their questions answered very well. The multi-operator chat is simply outstanding. Comm100 gave us a reason to be in competition and enabled us to run our business with core customer support module. We could never forget Comm100's contribution to our business success."

- Tapash Nath, CEO, Angelesia