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CheckMark, Inc.

"We've increased new sales for 10-20% and having a reliable, fast live chat system in place gives our customers the confidence they look for."

Birando UK

"We have seen an obvious increase in both sales and customer satisfaction while the time spent responding to customers is cut down by 40%."

Zip2Tax, LLC

"We've seen a more than 23% growth in sales year over year and any customer trying to contact us will be addressed quickly and professionally using Comm100 Live Chat and Ticket."

National Eating Disorders Association

"This new generation is chatting with us more than they are calling. We have seen our numbers totally flip, and more people are chatting than any other contact method at this point."

The Water Cooler Company

"After two months of using Comm100 Live Chat, we had increased our revenue through the website by 15% with one less staff member."


"Since using Comm100, we have moved from 65% of purchases coming from first visit customers up to 80% for same day purchasing."

Man and Vans

"Now up to 25% of bookings are dealt with purely online, saving us time and making the process more efficient for customers."


"Since we have been using Comm100 Live Chat, the percentage of newly registered customers who placed an order has almost doubled."

Scott Systems

"I like Comm100 better than all of the other chat programs out there. You name it, we've looked at it. For us, Comm100 Live Chat just works perfectly."