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The Organization

Rackspace Technology is a cloud computing company, providing expertise and managed service across all the major public and private cloud technologies. With over 7000 global employees, its multi-cloud solutions and technical expertise help businesses build new revenue streams and increase efficiency. Rackspace has customers in 120 countries, serving more than half of the Fortune 100.

The Challenge

Rackspace Technology has over 7000 global employees. With so many staff to support across many countries and departments, their HR team adopted a knowledge base portal to store internal documentation that answered their staff’s common questions.

However, with so much information available within the portal and finding it difficult and time-consuming to navigate, employees were reluctant to use it. Instead, many employees submitted tickets to the HR team, asking simple and repetitive questions that the HR team was forced to spend a considerable amount of time responding to.

The Solution

Faced with such a high volume of tickets from their employees, Rackspace HR decided that a chatbot could be the solution to their problem. Several other departments within their organization were using Comm100 to offer live chat and chatbot support and experiencing great results, so the HR team chose to adopt Comm100 Chatbot too.

Working alongside Comm100’s chatbot architects, Rackspace began by setting up the chatbot to answer the most common questions they were receiving within their ticketing system. Once these intents had been built, the results were immediate.

With a chatbot in place, employees can now quickly and easily find the answer to their question without requesting support from the HR team. While employees found it difficult to find information within their knowledge base portal, they can now get the information they need from the chatbot within seconds and get on with their day. This encouragement to self-serve has both improved the employee experience, as well as reduced support costs.

“When our employees could only use our HR portal to find information, they often resorted to sending tickets into our team. Responding to these messages was incredibly time-consuming and costly for us, and a poor experience for our employees who had to wait up to 4 hours for a response. With Comm100 Chatbot now in place, our employees want to get the fast and straightforward support from the bot. This has significantly reduced ticket support volume, giving our team more time to spend on other tasks. And for our employees, it’s not taking them seconds to get the answer to their question, rather than hours!” – Andrea Trevino, Manager, HR Services, Rackspace Technology

In the uncommon instances when the bot can’t answer the question, the employee can leave a message for the support team to follow up on.

The feedback for Comm100 Chatbot has been great. Our employees are happy to get their questions answered by the bot because it’s fast and easy for them. They can simply ask a question, get an immediate answer, and get on with their day.

Melissa Schild, Human Resources Representative II, Rackspace Technology

With Comm100 Chatbot running smoothly, Rackspace continue to meet regularly to explore ways to improve the bot and optimize responses.

“It’s been great working with Comm100, they’ve been really helpful. We can always get hold of someone when we need support and we still have regular cadence meetings to see how the chatbot is performing and how we can make it even better. I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience.” – Melissa Schild, Human Resources Representative II, Rackspace Technology

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