Comm100 Ticketing empowers agents to manage support activities all in one place. Issues received via email or chat can be logged, resolved, escalated and closed with ease – turning problems into smiles.

Unify Your Support Inbox

Organizing support requests using standard email software is tough. For modern teams, legacy systems just don’t cut it when it comes to piecing together query details, prioritising or assigning cases.

Comm100 Ticketing gives you back control over your support process. Our intuitive system allows you to implement an effective workflow that allows your team to focus on troubleshooting customer problems, not struggling with systems.

Unify Your Support Inbox

Customers Love Email

Email isn’t going away any time soon – customers love it for its ease of use. In fact, alongside live chat it’s frequently named as a preferred support channel.

Email is a perfect complement to live chat as it allows you to serve customers on the channels that they choose – whether that’s getting service right now through live chat, or service a little later through email.

Customers Love Email

Live Chat Integration

Ticketing integrates perfectly with Live Chat, giving you extra options for faster issue resolution and extending the workflow system in Live Chat.

Tickets can be raised from offline messages and from completed and ongoing chats, allowing teams to carry on conversations smoothly within our Agent Dashboard without needing to use any other systems.

Convert Chat to Ticket

Easy Workflow Creation

Filters and tags are available for quick access to different types of queries. Tickets can be allocated and assigned priorities, pended or put on hold, allowing you to implement a complete workflow to suit your business.

Easy Workflow Creation

Powerful Automation Capability

Ticket automation features work to streamline and enhance your workflow. Case status updates can be automated. Pre-defined messages can also be sent to acknowledge replies, send post-case communications, and more.

Auto Followup and Canned Responses

Comprehensive Report Suite

Great customer experiences are born from the data and insights that allow you to keep improving your service – and our system gives you that visibility into your performance. Distribution and performance reports allow you to keep improving as you scale.

Ticketing Report

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