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Live chat, omnichannel and AI solutions for insurance companies

Improve agent efficiency. Deliver stellar customer experiences.

With fewer and fewer points of differentiation, customer experience is now the key to winning and keeping clients in the insurance industry. Your customers trust you to “have their back” when and where they need it – and that means that 24/7 accessibility is a business imperative. From customer acquisition to quoting and claims, the Comm100 omnichannel customer experience platform lets you do business the moment your customers want it, where they want it.

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Comm100 puts the customer and agent experiences first, but they also deeply understand the need to show measurable impact. Comm100 has made easy work of proving the benefits of live chat. 62% of The Cumberland’s chat users said they would not have picked up the phone to call if chat was not available.

Comm100 Customers - The Cumberland

– Bob Matthews, Customer Experience Manager, The Cumberland

Willis Towers Watson
Safety Insurance
AER is comm100's customer

Better service in less time

Any of life’s little mishaps can be emotional, stressful, and life-changing for us all. With a digital engagement platform, your clients can connect with agents whenever and wherever they need – live chat, email, social media or SMS. Resolve questions quickly, accurately and with personalization.

Couple this with audio/video chat, screen sharing and co-browsing, and agents can more quickly address both simple and complex inquiries, lowering average handling times and improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) across the board.

Policy information on demand

Using AI, chatbots, knowledge bases and canned responses, you’ve got the power to put personalized policy information within direct reach of your clients – without wasting valuable agent time. For the repetitive, simple questions – let a bot do the heavy lifting. When the conversation gets more complex, seamlessly pass the client from bot to live agent, including details of the conversation up to that point, plus a complete client profile and history.

Complete customer lifecycle management

From selling coverage to managing claims, Comm100 is the perfect platform for facilitating digital conversations wherever your customers are in their journey, on whatever channel. Clients can be seamlessly passed between channels, agents, teams and departments, and inquiries can be intelligently routed to the right person at the right time.

There’s no need for multiple tools across many departments. We help you build and deploy a solution across your whole business or enable you to start small and expand when the rest of the organization is ready. Flexibility is core to our products and deployments.

comm100 follows security rules and compliant, including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR

Iron-clad security

Regardless of size, every underwriter, broker and agency have the same expectation when it comes to security: it simply has to be iron-clad. From PCI compliant forms and SOC 2 certification, to credit card masking, SSL/TLS encryption, and GDPR, security is non-negotiable.

Comm100 is leading the way with these and other security protocols that exceed industry requirements to keep your data secure. We offer cloud-based solutions or when preferred, on-site deployments that ensure the software you use is under your control and safely behind your firewall.

Uptime guaranteed

Insurance transactions occur at all hours of the day, and you can’t afford a second of downtime. Comm100’s MaximumOn service guarantees uptime for our customer support and experience platform, eliminating the impact of maintenance issues and other technical outages just don’t happen. Rest assured that you can be there when your customers need you most.

Web chat is definitely a valuable channel for new business, especially for lending out of our operating area where we don’t have branches. It’s so simple to train your staff on Comm100, they’ll be up and running quickly. As for the business, there’s no doubt that it will drive new revenue.

Comm100 Customers - The Cumberland

– Claire Crossan, Area Branch Controller, The Cumberland

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