Never Miss a VIP

White Paper

Never Miss a VIP

How to identify and delight your most important customers in the digital world

If it’s true that 80 percent of your profit comes from 20 percent of your customers, then it’s critical to know who they are and when they reach out to you. Whether they’re big spenders, repeat customers, or vocal advocates, your VIPs (very important people keeping your business afloat) need special care. But how do your customer service, sales, and marketing teams know when to roll out the red carpet?

This white paper explains how to define your VIPs, how to identify them across digital channels so they never get missed, and how to provide them with that white-glove treatment so they keep coming back for more.

Download the white paper to learn:  

  • 4 kinds of VIPs that need special attention
  • 6 ways to identify them browsing your website, on social media, and interacting with you on other digital channels
  • At least 3 ways to go above and beyond for your VIPs
  • How to automate to give all your customers that special touch

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