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Never Miss a VIP

How to identify and delight your most important customers in the digital world

Never Miss a VIP

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It sounds like the most obvious thing in the world: your organization simply wouldn’t exist if you couldn’t attract and retain enough customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re web-based, brick and mortar, or a combination of both – as long as you’re adding more than you’re losing, your business will grow and thrive.

Customers will come and go in great numbers over time. But out of the multitudes of people who interact with your business, a certain customer stands out: your VIPs.

Your VIPs are by definition your company’s most important customers. A VIP could be a valued long-term customer, a new customer who’s about to close a big sale, or a cranky customer who’s at risk of harming your brand’s reputation. If you’re B2C, they’re typically determined by demographics; if you are a B2B, they’re set based on industry or size. Regardless of how you define your VIPs, they should be recognized for what they are: your most precious asset.

Picking a VIP out of a crowd in-person is easy to do by training your staff to recognize them. Online, you can configure your point-of-sale system to alert your staff when a VIP makes a purchase so that extra care and courtesy can be extended. Thanks to tools like browser cookies and sign-ins – knowingly or unknowingly, your VIPs will tell you when they visit!

By establishing clear definitions of your VIPs and implementing the right technology to treat them accordingly, your company will be armed with the context and personalization needed to identify and delight your most important customers. Here’s how.

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