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Customer Engagement 2021

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Chapter 2

Why Adopt Digital Omnichannel?

In theory, digital omnichannel aligns perfectly with the existing philosophies of many companies, which are to serve customers quickly, efficiently, and effectively. But what tangible benefits can businesses expect from this approach? Here are some of the ways that digital omnichannel is helping companies meet their customer service goals and drive operational efficiency:

Optimized agent capacity

For agents, digital omnichannel engagement means simpler and easier customer communication. With a unified view of the customer across all channels, agents can resolve queries faster, increasing their overall capacity.

Faster time-to-resolution

With all your information in one place, a digital omnichannel approach makes it easy to speed up resolution without sacrificing quality. Businesses are then better positioned to implement and enforce service level agreements (SLAs) and response time requirements. Being transparent with these SLAs helps set better expectations with customers.

Pro Tip

Decrease response times even more with an agent-facing intelligent assistance solution that reduces the time it takes to find answers.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers expect agents to have access to their whole story when they reach out for support. According to a survey conducted by UBM, 75 percent of participants cited having to repeat themselves as their biggest issue when communicating with a brand. With digital omnichannel, agents have both the tools and the context they need to bring about a satisfying resolution and even increase their first contact resolution rate (FCR) so your customers never have to repeat themselves again!

Reduced costs

Improving customer satisfaction can indeed increase revenue — but it can also reduce costs. According to McKinsey, brands that improve the customer journey see their revenue increase by 10 to 15 percent while also lowering costs by 15 to 20 percent.

Increased agent satisfaction

When a channel becomes secondary to the customer experience, it also becomes secondary to the agent experience. According to McKinsey, companies that invest in their customer experience also observe an improvement in employee engagement by roughly 20 percent on average. Increased engagement helps to reduce employee churn and avoid all the costs that come with attracting, hiring, training, and retaining new employees.

Structuring your journey

Adopting a digital omnichannel customer service approach has 3 main components:

Identifying your channels | Strategizing your journey | Choosing your technology

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