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Chapter 1

What is Digital Omnichannel?

Within the realm of customer service, digital omnichannel involves different digital touchpoints blended seamlessly and effortlessly into a unified view of the customer. At its core, the digital omnichannel promise is simple; it means supporting customers effectively and cohesively across all digital channels without ever losing sight of their history.

In a successful digital omnichannel approach, data is not held in a silo. Instead, customer information and conversations are accessible to agents in real-time through a unified console. Agents can view every interaction that a customer has had with the company, no matter the channel. This visibility lets them create a cohesive, deeply personalized customer profile that enables higher quality service.

The ability to unite customer data gathered from both “real-time” and “anytime” channels is what sets omnichannel apart from a simple multi-channel approach. Real-time channels like live chat allow customers to get instant, on-demand support from an agent or a bot. “Anytime” channels — like social media, SMS, and email — are channels where customers can contact your company even when someone may not be online to assist them. The very nature of these channels implies that an immediate reply is not expected.

By combining the information gathered from real-time and anytime channels with pre-existing data found in customer databases or CRM systems, companies can eliminate the blind spots and roadblocks that result from siloed customer service systems and deepen the customer experience for a frictionless and more successful customer journey.

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