White Paper

Customer Engagement 2020

Why the digital journey changes everything and how to keep up 

Digital Omnichannel. Have you heard of it? It’s the next big thing of the new decade that will shape customer expectations and service levels everywhere.  

Your customers want to reach you by email, live chat, social media and other digital channels, and your organization should be available and able to provide a cohesive customer experience across them all. If you’re not ready to offer this, your competitors will be.  

Even if you had the technology to do this, how do you plan to handle interactions across channels? Which channel should you expect your customers to use, and when? Should every channel be handled with the same priority 

This white paper answers those questions and more as it takes you through: 

  • Which digital channels are right for your business 
  • How to structure your customer’s journey across channels 
  • How to easily set standards for and handle different channels, differently 
  • What to look for in a digital omnichannel solution 

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