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How Comm100 Improves Admission & Student Engagement Across Departments

How Comm100 Improves Admission & Student Engagement Across Departments<br />

A conversation with Tony Sandhu, VP Customer Success at Comm100! Watch to see how Comm100 was utilized by a major university to improve admissions and student engagement across departments.


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Tony Sandhu, VP, Customer Success, Comm100

Tony is the Vice President of Global Customer Success at Comm100 with over 12 years of experience in CS. He is responsible for driving customer goals, product utilization, business transformation, and revenue expansion by ensuring the engagement, success, retention, and growth of Comm100 customers.

Maria Fielder

Maria Fielder, Learning, Training and Development Manager, Comm100

Maria Fielder is the Learning, Training and Development Manager at Comm100. She is a seasoned educator with years of experience in a variety of educational jobs including teaching, communications, technical support, and training.

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