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Webinar - Demystifying AI and Bot


AI and Bots: Are you ready?

Demystifying Bots and AI

There’s been a lot of buzz about bots. Who isn’t thinking about how artificial intelligence will change the world we live in?

But forget Terminator and Westworld – we’re talking about customer-facing, agent-assisting bots. But like most CX professionals, you’ve probably got lots of questions. “Is AI worth it?”, “Where do I start?”, “How much effort does it take?”, and “What happens after it goes live?”

This webinar will explain the different and most promising bot and AI technologies, and how each can deliver better customer care and agent productivity.

Watch the highlights reel to learn:

  • The most popular customer- and agent-facing bot technologies
  • The difference between AI and non-AI solutions
  • Simple use cases for customers and agents alike
  • How to kick off a bot project

You can also watch the full recording by clicking the button on the left below the video, and download the slide deck on the right.


Jeff Epstein
Jeff Epstein, VP of Product Marketing & Communications, Comm100

Jeff is Comm100’s VP Product Marketing and Communications. He’s a B2B marketer with 20+ years’ experience creating compelling messaging and content for sales enablement and demand generation. He holds a BA from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management.

Matthew Jinks
Matthew Jinks, AI Chatbot Expert, Comm100

Matthew is Comm100’s resident AI Chatbot Expert. He’s worked for 5+ years in Vancouver’s tech scene and is always up to date on the latest AI trends and best practices. Matthew works with Fortune 500, government, and private firms across the world to embed advanced artificial intelligence solutions.

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