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How to Cut Costs and Drive CSAT with Bots & Automation

Customer service teams are under unrelenting pressure to balance grade-A service delivery with responsible cost control. If forced to make a choice, most organizations will lean into improving operational efficiency over improving customer satisfaction. Here’s a thought: what if you could achieve both?

Today’s customer service automation technologies – chatbots and agent-facing AI tools – let you have your cake and eat it too. Join our panel of chatbot and customer service experts to learn how to deploy automation to optimal effect. They’ll share case studies and best practices to help you take full advantage of these game-changing customer service solutions.

Listen to leading authorities in digital contact center solutions as they explore how to build an omnichannel strategy that fits today’s shifting priorities and tomorrow’s redefined realities.

Watch this recording to learn:

  • How to put a value on every customer interaction
  • How to orchestrate an effective blend of human agent, self-serve, and automated customer service
  • How leading brands like More Telecom and Open University have increased both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction using bots and automation
  • And more.

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