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The Challenges & Opportunities in Higher Ed Advising – Lessons & Insights from UBC Okanagan

Herobanner - Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education Advising 2024

Advising and counselling departments are facing some of the most complex challenges in higher education. Teams are expected to meet student’s evolving expectations and equip advisors with the skills and knowledge to support a large and diverse student body – all while the ratio of student to advisor rises.

UBC’s Advising team is at the forefront of navigating these complexities, transforming challenges into opportunities through innovative strategies, AI, and automation. Register to the webinar to learn how.

Why attend?

This webinar, run by Comm100 and joined by UBC, offers a deep dive into the real-world challenges and opportunities in higher education advising today. Attendees will gain exclusive insights into how UBC leverages data-driven approaches and technology to enhance student engagement, ensure continuous support, and drive academic success.

What will you learn?

  •  Understanding the key challenges: Explore the six major hurdles that advising departments face in today’s educational climate
  • Strategic opportunities: Learn about the opportunities for innovation in advising practices that can lead to improved student outcomes
  • Practical insights from UBC: Discover actionable strategies and lessons learned from UBC’s own experiences
  • Future trends in advising: Get ahead with predictions on how advising will evolve in the coming years.


Phil Comm100 avatar

Phil Chatterton
VP of Growth and Partnerships, Comm100

Terina UBCO avatar

Terina Mailer
Manager, Academic & Career Advising, UBC Okanagan Campus

Justin UBCO avatar

Justin Avdich
Client Services Manager, UBC Okanagan Campus

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