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Comm100 Live Chat

Solution Sheet

Comm100 Live Chat - Powering genuine, real-time customer conversations

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Comm100 Live Chat is an enterprise-grade live chat solution that allows customers on your website or mobile app to engage with you in real-time.

Whether you’re providing support or driving sales, you’ll have the flexibility and depth of features to get the job done. Knowledge and productivity tools sit inside an intuitive and unified agent console, so that customers always receive the best and most efficient service.

Chat that scales

Whether you have a chat team of two or two thousand, working in a contact center or remotely, Comm100 Live Chat is built to meet your unique needs. The deeply intelligent routing engine can leverage customer history, browsing info, dynamic visitor segmentation and CRM data to identify who a customer is, why they are reaching out, and put them in touch with the right person every time. This allows you to deploy Comm100 Live Chat in multiple departments, on separate websites or for different use cases and manage it all from a single solution.

Customize your chat experiences

Comm100 Live Chat gives you broad control over the look and feel of your chat experience. Change the appearance of your chat button and chat window, add customized pre- and post-chat surveys, and target key customer groups with proactive chat invitations that match your brand and use case. Use audio and video chat and co-browsing to deliver an even more personalized customer experience.

Increase agent productivity

The Comm100 agent console is designed to put everything an agent needs right at their fingertips. Real-time web browsing data and access to transcripts from prior interactions allow agents to respond in-context. Tools like keyboard shortcuts and canned messages improve speed and accuracy of responses, while knowledge base and CRM integrations ensure agents never have to switch screens to find supporting information. Automatic translation for more than 100 languages lets your customers and your team chat comfortably in their native tongue.

Manage with ease

Get the most out of your live chat team with tools built specifically for managers. Set individual agent permissions, chat capacity, and shift schedules, and manage them on the job using chat monitoring, takeover, and agent whispering. When the day is done, assess efficiency and service quality with a wide range of standard reports including a customizable manager dashboard.

Key Features

Visitor-side Customization

  • Campaigns: Manage multiple chat deployments within a single Comm100
  • Customizable appearance: Total control over chat button and chat window
    design and behavior
  • Proactive chat invitations: Target web visitors with customized greetings
  • Mobile SDK: Deploy live chat in your mobile app
  • Audio/video chat: Get as close to face-to-face as possible
  • Co-browsing: See what they see, request remote control to help even more
  • File sharing: Send and receive files to expedite issue resolution
  • Pre-chat surveys: Qualify and segment customers before chatting
  • Post-chat surveys: Gather feedback including chat rating and NPS
  • Offline messages: Let your customers leave messages for you during off-hours

Agent Tools

  • Web, desktop, and mobile apps: Chat with customers at your desk or on-the-go
  • Custom alerts: Auditory cues to stay on top of key chat events
  • Agent-to-agent chat: Coordinate with your team internally
  • Canned messages: Increase service speed and answer accuracy
  • Real-time auto-translation: Serve your customers in over 100 languages
  • Integrated knowledge base search: Switch screens less, serve customers more
  • Real-time monitoring of website visitors: Know who’s on your website and
    what they are doing
  • Customer interaction history: View transcripts from previous conversations
  • Contact manager: Save customer information and build profiles
  • Internal notes: Collaborate on chats internally
  • Agent console extension: Access virtually any third-party software inside the
    Agent Console

Manager Experience

  • Chat allocation rules: Control how chats are distributed to agents and departments
  • Sophisticated routing: Use a wide range of parameters to ensure customers talk to
    the right person
  • Customize agent statuses: Create away statuses that match how your team operates
  • Shifts: Schedule team working hours and holidays and enable automatic logout to
    keep your queue under control
  • Chat monitoring and takeover: Ensure your team is delivering quality service and
    take over if needed
  • Ban visitors from chatting: Block spammers individually by their IP address
  • Granular permissions: Set individually, by department, or by role
  • 17 pre-built reports: Assess service quality and team efficiency in real-time

Configurability Options

  • Pre-built integrations: Includes Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Shopify,
    Zapier, and content management systems
  • Visitor segmentation: Automatically segment visitors using data from your website
  • RESTful API: Open API for live chat and reporting data
  • Agent SSO: Allow faster and more secure login by authenticating through third-party
  • Audit log: Track changes made to your Comm100 instance
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options