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Comm100 for Gaming

Transform player engagement with 24/7 personalized support

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Delivering personalized, 24/7 engagement at scale is the pinnacle of player support – and you can do all this and more with Comm100. Comm100’s AI-powered omnichannel communication platform is built to help Gaming organizations boost acquisition, engagement, and retention.

By balancing human-bot engagement, Gaming can gain player trust and loyalty, while improving efficiency and availability with the latest bots and automation software. Combine this with the highest standards in security, personalization capabilities, and 10+years of experience, and you have found the complete Gaming player engagement solution.

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Complete player lifecycle management

Comm100 Omnichannel is a complete communication platform that combines every channel and tool into one agent console. This connectivity empowers Gaming organizations to deliver efficient, helpful, and personalized support so every player is treated like a VIP.

Live Chat icon

Live Chat

Improve efficiency while delivering a personal touch with real-time messaging, supported by audio & video chat, file sharing, screen sharing & auto-translation.

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Automate over 80%+ of queries with NLP and Generative AI chatbots. Deliver 24/7, dynamic & accurate support to increase support capacity and improve player experience.

Queue Management icon

Queue Management

Streamline the queueing experience by analyzing and managing the flow of requests. This reduces wait times and improves service efficiency.

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Engage in two-way conversational outbound messaging on SMS, WhatsApp, and email to boost engagement and build relationships.

Ticketing & Messaging icon

Ticketing & Messaging

Efficiently manage all your requests from email, social media, and SMS from one easy-to-use platform so no player slips through the cracks.

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Agent Assist

Cut the time your agents spend looking for answers and information with AI support that suggests real-time responses.

Boost conversion with 247 support

Boost conversion with 24/7 support

Deliver immediate, round-the-clock problem resolution with live chat & chatbots so more players sign up, and existing players spend more.

Increase retention with enhanced engagement

Increase retention with enhanced engagement

Gain player loyalty by delivering helpful and convenient support across their preferred channels. Achieve this and see your player lifetime value rocket.

Personalize comms for the VIP treatment

Personalize comms for the VIP treatment

Automatically identify your high-spending players when they come online to deliver personalized messaging and route them to your best agents.

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“Comm100’s AI Chatbot is a game-changer for us. By providing our players with 24/7 support, we can make sure that any issue that may prevent them from activating, depositing or betting is removed. The bot can answer the majority of our players’ common queries without any human involvement.”

– Pelin Kaya

Live Support Team Manager, PadişahBet

In-depth analytics icon

In-depth analytics

Easily export and analyze player data from Comm100’s Reporting suite to learn player preferences, understand behaviors, and deliver tailored promotions.

Complete security & privacy icon

Complete security & privacy

Comm100 ’s platform provides the highest standards in security and privacy built for gaming to ensure your and your players’ data is secure.

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Comm100 offers self-hosted deployment and the ability to change support domains to enable multiple layers of privacy and have complete data control.

Service & Implementation

If you’re concerned that this solution is hard to implement, then think again. Every package provides complete onboarding and training services to get you up and running in weeks, not months. And we don’t stop there – once you’re set up, our team is available 24/7 to help you continually refine and improve your team’s performance. This is how we ensure you get full ROI.

Gaming - Service & Implementation

What you get – Unpacked


  • Pre-built integrations: Includes Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Zapier, Google Analytics
  • Security & privacy: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, TX-RAMP
  • Flexible deployment: Cloud and on-premise
  • Reporting: Customizable, real-time and easily exported for granular insight

Live chat

  • Multiple integrated features: Audio & video chat, screen-sharing, real-time auto translation, and file sharing
  • Pre-and post-chat surveys: Qualify & segment before chatting, gather feedback after
  • Multiple campaigns: Configure several unique chat deployments within one system
  • Chat allocation rules: Control how chats are distributed to agents and departments

Read the full Live Chat Product Sheet for more information


  • NLP and Generative AI: Combine both technologies for accurate, personalized, and scalable engagement
  • One bot, multiple channels: Deploy over live chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for Business
  • Flexible APIs and webhooks: Integrate key systems for greater capabilities and personalization
  • Flow builder: Intuitive, drag-and-drop bot building

Read the full Chatbot Product Sheet for more information

Ticketing & Messaging

  • Every digital channel in one agent console: Email, SMS, and social media, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, X, WeChat, Line, & Telegram
  • Complete tracking: Full history of customer’s interactions and chat history across channels with notes, tags, and filters
  • Advanced routing rules: Automatically direct tickets to specific agents and departments
  • Automation features: Increase team efficiency and streamline workflows

Queue Management

  • Pre-queue customized fields: Includes name, phone number, reason for visit
  • Agent resource allocation: Real-time data to support staff allocation
  • SMS notification: Customized, automatic texts to inform visitors of waiting status and estimated time
  • Reports: Queue-related data including total users summoned, no-shows, served, removed, wait time, serve time.

Read the full Queue Management Product Sheet for more information


  • Two-way messaging: On email, WhatsApp and SMS for conversational communication
  • Automated, bulk messaging: Scale your outbound messaging for efficient engagement
  • Contact management: Create, import, and store contacts. Track performance and results.
  • Personalized messaging: Tailored outbound messaging to targeted groups of customers based on data within your Contact Management

Read the full Outreach Product Sheet for more information

All Inclusive Bot Plan

Comm100’s All Inclusive Bot Plan is the complete chatbot & automation package for Gaming. It’s everything you need for chatbot success from just one vendor.

  • Generative Answers & Custom Answers Chatbots
  • Unlimited intents and answers
  • Complete bot setup, training and configuration
  • Monthly bot maintenance
  • Dedicated CSM with quarterly business & product roadmap reviews
  • Dedicated AI Architect for bot building, maintenance, and support
  • Access to product release beta programs

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