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Comm100 Ticketing: Unifying digital inbound support requests

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When it comes to the total issue resolution picture, ticketing is the foundation of every customer support team. That’s because at best, First Contact Resolution (FCR) averages only 78% globally. For the other 22% – and to keep tabs on the full picture – you need a powerful ticketing system.

You found it.

Comm100’s ticketing solution is a flexible email-based support management system designed to help you organize, prioritize, and track large amounts of inbound requests. Comm100 ticketing is simple to set up, and fully integrated with the entire Comm100 platform, making it easy to handle all live chat, social, email and SMS requests within a unified Comm100 agent console.

The Right Agents on the Right Tickets

Take control of your inbound support emails and make sure they get to the right inbox by assigning cases to the relevant department and agent – directly from the Comm100 control panel. Group and prioritize tickets by severity or service level so that the most critical issues are dealt with first.

Powerful Automation

To provide efficient, high quality customer service, your agents need to maximize the time they spend resolving complex customer problems and automate their most repetitive tasks. Built-in features like canned responses to frequently asked questions, automatic follow-up emails, and batch updates to tickets help streamline your support workflow and free up your agents to resolve customer issues faster.

The Perfect Live Chat Companion

While live chat is an excellent tool for solving customer problems on the spot, it falls short on customer issues that require additional time and multiple follow-ups to resolve. Comm100’s integrated multi-channel platform makes the transition from live chat to email a seamless experience for your customer service agents. Easily append the complete chat history to tickets so that agents have access to the full picture, even if the issue is transferred from one agent to another.

Key Features

Full Cycle Support

  1. Convert chats to tickets
  2. Create tickets from offline messages
  3. Create tickets from SMS messages
  4. Create tickets from emails sent to multiple email addresses
  5. Comprehensive visitor ticket history
  6. Close or reopen tickets
  7. Manager Tools

Convert chats to tickets

  1. Customizable ticket fields
  2. Direct ticket assignment for clear ownership
  3. Block specific senders to reduce spam
  4. Configurable holiday and working hours for efficient response time reporting
  5. Powerful reporting tools that track issue resolution time and team performance
  6. Audit logs to track changes made to the platform
  7. Ironclad security and compliance with HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 270001, and WCAG accessibility standards
  8. Enhanced Agent Efficiency

Convert chats to tickets

  1. Integrated with the Comm100 agent console
  2. @Mentions to involve other agents
  3. Custom filters for sorting and prioritizing tickets
  4. Add notes to tickets for additional context
  5. Bulk updates to tickets
  6. Merge related tickets
  7. Automatically update or respond to tickets based on predefined conditions
  8. Canned responses for frequently asked questions


No email client is built to handle the volume and complexity of a customer support inbox. Comm100’s feature-rich ticketing system makes it easy for your team to organize, prioritize and collaborate on inbound support requests so that customers get better answers faster.

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