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Comm100 Task Bot

Solution Sheet

Comm100 Task Bot

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Comm100 Task Bots are smart, fun and interactive chatbots that automate routine sales and customer service workflows on your website. Task bots sit inside Comm100’s live chat window and guide your customers using a conversational interface that’s more engaging than a traditional webform or knowledge base. Task Bots are great for making your website more captivating and reducing mundane customer service work, all while improving customer satisfaction.

Good-bye Forms, Hello Conversations

Nothing is less enticing to customers than a set of empty fields on a traditional webform. Use a Task Bot instead of a pre-chat or offline message form and guide your customers with buttons and prompts, making the process more conversational and approachable.

24/7 Self-Service for Your Customers

Your customers come to you with a wide range of requests at all hours of the day, but the reality is you may not be able to be online 24/7 to answer their questions. Whether it’s resolving common questions, helping to troubleshoot, or simply connecting to the agent most qualified to help, Comm100 Task Bots are always available to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Generate Leads, Book Meetings and More

Customers who engage conversationally with your business are more likely to convert. Use a Task Bot to capture leads for sales, sign customers up for events or product demos, or book meetings automatically using Calendly.

A Snap to Build and Use

We designed the Comm100 Task Bot interface for simplicity and speed, with no code or technical skills needed. Start with one of our pre-built templates or easily create your own to suit your needs. Get your Task Bot online in minutes!

Comm100 Task Bot

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrated with Comm100 Live Chat
  • Intuitive and code-free building interface
  • Pre-built templates including lead capture, FAQ and routing
  • Calendly integration to book meetings with customers
  • Choose when, why and how Task Bot escalates to human agents
  • Preview mode for easy testing and validation
  • Rich responses with text, buttons, images, and videos
  • Collect visitor information including name, email address, company and phone number
  • Send automatic followup emails to customers chatting with Task Bot
  • Conversations can be passed back to Task Bots from agents to automate routine workflows and collect information
  • Authenticate users for personal transactions using SSO
  • Transactional responses – checkout, reservations and more – enabled by webhook integrations
  • Insightful reporting to measure ROI and track performance
  • Ironclad security and compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI, and WCAG accessibility standards
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options.