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digital omnichannel customer engagement

Solution Sheet

Digital Omnichannel Customer Engagement

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Less effort, more reward

Comm100 Omnichannel helps you beat customer expectations while reducing operational costs. How? By reducing the effort it takes for your customers to reach you and accelerating your ability to provide the answers they seek. Happier customers and improved service efficiencies? Yes, you can have both.

Be there, be ready

Comm100 connects you with your customers anytime and anywhere, on the digital channels they use every day. Engage in conversations on multimodal live chat, email, social media, and SMS, with human agents, powerful chatbots, self-serve knowledge bases, or a carefully orchestrated combination of all of the above. From sales inquiries to service and support, Comm100 enables great digital experiences that build loyalty and deliver impressive ROI.

digital omnichannel customer

The Comm100 Digital Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Live Chat

Comm100 live chat is the world’s most robust and easy to use chat solution. Deep configurability and powerful features like audio/video chat, screen sharing, auto-translation for 100+ languages, and flexible automatic invitations make it a win-win for your clients and agents alike.

Ticketing & Messaging

Manage all your social, SMS and email conversations in one place. Easily create and manage tickets from any channel when follow-up is required. Get needed context from previous interactions, respond on any available channel, and automatically enforce service level agreements (SLA).

AI Chatbots

Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and an easy-to-use bot interface gives you the confidence and control you need to automate customer service where appropriate, without compromising the customer experience. AI Chatbots can be deployed over Live Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, LINE for Business, Telegram, and WhatsApp for Business, and integrate easily with your core business systems to deliver optimal results.

Knowledge Base

Reliable and accessible information is the backbone of every successful digital customer engagement platform. Comm100 Knowledge Base helps you centralize your vital knowledge resources and ensure quick and easy access inside your agent console and from your website and mobile app, making vital information more accessible to everyone.

Agent Assist

Comm100 Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that monitors inbound messages and automatically suggests answers from your existing knowledge sources. It helps your agents understand and respond to customer queries more quickly, more accurately, and more confidently than ever before.

Comm100 Value Generators

Unified view of the customer

Your customers choose how and when they want to reach out to you: a chat today, an email tomorrow, and a Facebook post the day after. We say ‘bring it on’. Comm100 Omnichannel reveals each customer’s complete history so that
they never have to repeat themselves. Data integrations add critical context to personalize the customer experience.

The right answer from the best source

Comm100 leverages hundreds of data points including conversation history, customer segment, real-time web browsing info, and CRM fields to connect customers to the agent or chatbot best suited to handle their question. Our omnichannel routing engine helps you optimize your resources to address the full range of queries from simple, transactional requests to the most complex, sensitive, and high-value interactions.

Decrease time-to-resolution

Maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. Use canned messages, cobrowsing, audio/video chat, and file sharing to make easy work of even the most challenging questions. Take it to the next level with Agent Assist – your agents will spend less time hunting for answers and more time caring for customers.

Simplify quality assurance

Use robust conversation management tools including real-time supervision, takeover, private messaging, and transcript review. Assess team performance and identify opportunities for improvement across all channels with more than 30 real-time reports.

Drive continuous improvement

Double down on the original goal of the contact center: to help your customers find the answers they seek. Go where they go, treat them as individuals, and respond quickly. There’s no better way to earning better retention and loyalty, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Core Capabilities

  1. A complete digital solution: Robust communications across every digital channel, wired for whatever the future brings.
  2. Powerful integrations: Get a complete view of the customer by integrating Comm100 with CRM, shopping cart, and IVR systems. Our API makes it easy.
  3. Ready for tomorrow: Advanced yet easy to use AI tools to help you automate, accelerate, and embrace the future of customer engagement today.
  4. Committed to security: Brands in the most heavily regulated industries – banking & finance, healthcare, insurance, government – trust Comm100 with their digital communications because we know how to keep their data safe and secure.

To date, we have $6 million in opportunities sourced from chat and have closed about $4 million of that. Instead of taking 24 to 48 hours to respond to a request for information through our ‘Contact Us’ form, we can get it to the sales team instantly. When we’re more responsive, we’re a lot more likely to close the deal, and do it faster too.

– Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager – Fitbit

Comm100 is easy to use, reporting is quick, the UI is sleek and modern, the upgrades are always changing for the better. We love how easy the system is to use and upgrade. The customer support is also really great.

– Mallory Paeper, Electronic Relations Team Lead – Veridian Credit Union