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Comm100 AI-Powered Chatbot: Great experiences through scalable, intelligent assistance

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If you’re looking for a chatbot capable of automating a significant portion of your frontline customer service while providing worthwhile experiences for your customers, you’ve come to the right place. Comm100’s chatbot pairs powerful AI with industry leading functionality so that it can understand what a customer is trying to do, help them do it, or put them in touch with the person who can. Moreover, our intuitive user interface means you won’t need any coding experience to program and maintain your chatbot.

A Bot that Speaks Human

Making sense of the wide range of human expression, language, and grammar (have you ever misunderstood a text message?) is critical for successful conversation between your customers and your chatbot. Comm100’s AI-powered chatbot harnesses our specialized machine learning interface to the world’s most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine so that it will understand your customers’ goals and deliver truly helpful responses.

More than an FAQ Bot

If a chatbot is to become more than an interactive FAQ, it must be able to interact with the business ecosystem around it. Comm100’s chatbot can help customers accomplish their goals such as booking tickets and making payments, as well as connect seamlessly with your existing business systems. All of this adds up to a chatbot that does so much more than have conversations – it gets stuff done!

Intelligent Bot-Human Cooperation

Everyone knows that there are some conversations that bots just aren’t meant to handle. When your visitors have especially complex needs, or a VIP logs on, you want to be able to take the reins of a chat or at least monitor the conversation. Comm100’s chatbot gives you total visibility into what it’s doing and complete control over which conversations it handles. The bot can also be trained to notify an agent, or escalate the conversation when it’s asked a question it can’t answer or if a visitor is clearly frustrated.

Comm100’s quick reply options and pop-out side window make getting information from the bot a snap

Key Features


  1. Identify and help with visitor goals using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  2. Tunable sensitivity lets you control how tightly the bot interprets conversations
  3. Human guided machine-learning engine to improve the quality and helpfulness of your chatbot over time


  1. Rich responses with text, buttons, images, videos, webhooks and quick replies
  2. Customized greeting messages for different channels
  3. 30 different language options
  4. Ability to engage in common small talk
  5. Multiple responses for the same question to avoid repetition


  1. Bot can prompt the visitor to provide necessary information to return answers to complex questions
  2. Bot can use forms to gather visitor info or log in to a back-end system
  3. Perform transactions – reservations, purchases, account sign-up and more


  1. Reduced visitor queue time with automated chat distribution between bots and agents
  2. Total control over which conversations are routed to the bot
  3. Smart triggers to define when to involve human agents
  4. Human supervision of chats for quality control
  5. Ironclad security and compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI, and WCAG accessibility standards

Admin Controls

  1. Bulk Q&A import for quick and easy bot training
  2. Import/export entire bots for easy back-up and duplication
  3. Bot performance reports to measure ROI and track performance


Comm100’s AI chatbot is a highly flexible, always-on customer communication channel that reduces wait times and resolution costs. World-class capabilities paired with easy setup and maintenance will quickly make Comm100 AI-powered chat a critical member of your customer service team.

Comm100’s chatbot can reference your internal databases to show visitor specific information

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