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Comm100 Agent Assist

Solution Sheet

Comm100 Agent Assist: Faster answers, happier customers

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Comm100 Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps your agents respond to customer queries on live chat, social media and SMS more quickly, more accurately, and more confidently than ever before. Agent Assist monitors inbound messages in real time and suggests the most relevant answers from your canned messages, AI chatbot intents, and knowledge base articles to your agents, who can pass them along as-is or modify them before replying.

Deliver Better Service

Agent Assist significantly reduces the time your agents will spend hunting for information. This means they will have more time to focus on the more complex or more sensitive customer inquiries. And since common interactions can be resolved in a few clicks, your agents will be able to handle more conversations, which means shorter queues and faster issue resolution for your customers.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Agent Assist draws upon your existing help resources, so you can get up and running in minutes. Simply select which ones you want to use, and your agents will instantly start receiving answer suggestions. What’s more, Agent Assist gets smarter on its own by observing your agents’ chat behavior — whenever an agent uses a suggestion in response to a visitor question, Agent Assist notices and improves its suggestion confidence.

Your Agent’s New Best Friend

Many common service requests – order tracking, password resets, address updates, and more – require agents to gather a range of information before the request can be satisfied. With Agent Assist, agents can simply invoke a chatbot workflow to gather the details and then take back control when it’s complete. If your chatbot is integrated with your core business systems, agents can also use it to query these systems and instantly deliver more personalized answers.

Train Agents Faster

Whether it’s a new agent’s first day on the job or an experienced agent’s first time supporting a new product or service, Agent Assist is there to guide their learning with reliable answers. Your agents will get up to speed faster, and you can be confident that questions are always being answered accurately and in your brand’s voice.

Agent Assist suggesting answers within the Comm100 agent console

Key Features

Agent Optimization

  1. Real-time answer suggestion to inbound customer queries on live chat, social media and SMS (up to 5 per question)

  2. Retrieve answers from Comm100 canned messages, chatbot intents, and knowledge base articles

  3. Double-click to instantly send suggestions to visitors, or preview and edit before sending

  4. Use chatbot workflows and integrations to automate and accelerate routine interactions

  5. When customers send multiple questions in a row, the agent can select which one they want Agent Assist to help with

System Configuration

  1. Set up and start using Agent Assist with just a few clicks

  2. Train Agent Assist to recognize industry-specific synonyms

  3. Select or deselect the knowledge bases, canned message sets, and chatbots you want Agent Assist to use

  4. Tunable sensitivity lets you control how tightly Agent Assist interprets messages

Learning and Maintenance

  1. Machine-learning algorithm that observes agent behavior to improve answer suggestions

  2. Agents can mark unrecognized questions for requested coverage

  3. Learning portal aggregates unrecognized questions for easy content management


Comm100 Agent Assist allows you to take advantage of the efficiency gains AI has to offer, while still providing personalized, human-led customer care. It’s a low-risk, high-reward, cost-effective investment that will improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.