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Comm100 for Advising & Counseling

Maximize support capacity with minimal resources

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Comm100 is the solution to a high student-to-advisor ratio that’s creating long wait times, limited availability, and poor student satisfaction.

Comm100’s Omnichannel Student Engagement Platform empowers teams to automatically triage requests to the most suitable channel, tailored to the specific needs of each query. This maximizes self-serve and automation and minimizes in-person meetings – so frontline staff aren’t overwhelmed and students receive timely and helpful support.

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The complete support package under one roof

Comm100 Omnichannel links every channel you need within one platform to create the most efficient and seamless experience for every student. Perfect the blend of human-bot engagement for optimal efficiency and student satisfaction.

Live Chat icon

Live Chat

Improve efficiency while delivering a personal touch with real-time messaging, supported by audio & video chat, file sharing, screen sharing & auto-translation.

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Automate over 80%+ of queries with NLP and Generative AI chatbots. Deliver 24/7, dynamic and accurate support that increases support capacity and improves student experience.

Queue Management icon

Queue Management

Streamline the queueing experience by analyzing and managing the flow of requests to reduce wait times and improve service efficiency.

Booking icon


Integrated within live chat, hosted on a page, or sent via an invitational link, this is the essential automated booking system for efficient meetings.

Ticketing & Messaging icon

Ticketing & Messaging

Efficiently manage all your requests from email, social media, and SMS from one easy-to-use platform so no student slips through the cracks.

Intuitive & supported bot building icon

Agent Assist

Cut the time your agents spend looking for answers and information by with AI support that suggests responses in real-time.

Cut wait times & meetings – Increase capacity & satisfaction

Comm100 Omnichannel links every key channel within one platform to deliver efficiency for your team, and a seamless, helpful experience for your students. Perfect the blend of human-bot engagement for optimal productivity and student satisfaction.

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Boost support capacity icon

Boost support capacity

By leading student requests through resource-light channels with Comm100’s Omnichannel triage, teams cut time-consuming appointments and increase overall support capacity. Same resources, more support.

Improve student satisfaction icon

Improve student satisfaction

Comm100’s suite of chatbot and automation tools provide students with immediate and accessible support. For those who need more help, Comm100 Live Chat provides fast help that also delivers the personal touch.

Transform staff training icon

Transform staff training

Comm100 makes training new hires light work. Supported by agent automation and flexible knowledge bases, managers can speed up and improve agent training so they can get to work quickly and preparedly.

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“With our limited staff, it’s great that we can now triage our requests with Comm100 to serve more students, more quickly. We automate the simple queries off the top with a bot, then pass more complicated questions to a live chat. If the query still isn’t resolved, then the student can book a meeting to speak with an advisor. Despite our high student to advisor ratio, Comm100 has transformed the student experience and significantly increased our capacity.”

– Terina Mailer

Manager, Academic & Career Advising, UBC Okanagan

Service & Implementation

If you’re concerned that this solution is hard to implement, then think again. Every package provides complete onboarding and training services to get you up and running in weeks, not months. And we don’t stop there – once you’re set up, our team is available 24/7 to help you continually refine and improve your team’s performance. This is how we ensure you get full ROI.

Advising & Counseling - Service & Implementation

What you get – Unpacked


  • Pre-built integrations: Includes Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Zapier, Google Analytics
  • Security & privacy: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, TX-RAMP
  • Flexible deployment: Cloud and on-premise
  • Reporting: Customizable, real-time and easily exported for granular insight

Live chat

  • Multiple integrated features: Audio & video chat, screen-sharing, real-time auto translation, and file sharing
  • Pre-and post chat surveys: Qualify & segment before chatting, gather feedback after
  • Multiple campaigns: Configure several unique chat deployments within one system
  • Chat allocation rules: Control how chats are distributed to agents and departments

Read the full Live Chat Product Sheet for more information


  • NLP and Generative AI: Combine both technologies for accurate, personalized, and scalable engagement
  • One bot, multiple channels: Deploy over live chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for Business
  • Flexible APIs and webhooks: Integrate key systems for greater capabilities and personalization
  • Flow builder: Intuitive, drag-and-drop bot building

Read the full Chatbot Product Sheet for more information

Queue Management

  • Pre-queue customized fields: Includes name, phone number, reason for visit
  • Agent resource allocation: Real-time data to support staff allocation
  • SMS notification: Customized, automatic texts to inform visitors of waiting status and estimated time
  • Reports: Queue-related data including total customers summoned, no-shows, served, removed, wait time, serve time.

Read the full Queue Management Product Sheet for more information


  • Multiple deployment: Integrate within live chat, host on a dedicated page, or send via an invitational link
  • Customization: Includes booking page, form fields, service preferences, working hours, notifications, languages, agent availability
  • Calendar view: Allow visitors to see up-to-do availability with privacy
  • Reporting: Store and track meetings within the agent console

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Packages for Advising & Counseling

Connect with your students more efficiently and cost-effectively with our fully customizable Advising & Counseling packages. Download the full Solution Sheet for complete package details.

All Inclusive Bot Plan

Comm100’s All Inclusive Bot Plan is the complete chatbot & automation package for Advising & Counseling. It’s everything you need for chatbot success from just one vendor.

  • Generative Answers & Custom Answers Chatbots
  • Unlimited intents and answers
  • Complete bot setup, training and configuration
  • Monthly bot maintenance
  • Dedicated CSM with quarterly business & product roadmap reviews
  • Dedicated AI Architect for bot building, maintenance, and support
  • Access to product release beta programs

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